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How to Create Content That Converts and Scales Your Coaching Business Up (EP #211: REBROADCAST)

Jan 25, 2021

"Why does it look like I don't know how to create content that converts... Even if I put out lots of it, it doesn't bring me the sales I want for my group programs..."


What if I told you that sometimes less, but good content can be better?


In this episode, Mariana talks about quality content creation that will generate sales for your programs and how to create it.


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Key Takeaways About How to Create Content That Converts:

[00:34] Do you know where your visitors are going?

[02:13] This is why you want to have the end in mind of your content

[03:48] The amazing secrets behind knowing your client

[05:00] How your copy plays an important role

[05:51] How to write emotional copy that will hook your reader right in

[07:54] What conversions can look like with content that converts


Creating content that converts can be a scary thought. But that's ok. Been there, done that, too! If you book a FREE discovery call, we will help you to create the best copy you want for your business. Copy that considers the psychology of your readers and their emotions. All that and more, so you can scale your sales systems and trade less dollars for hours.


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