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How To Create Your Captivating Content

Sep 17, 2022

In the previous article, we talked about how you can create your big picture content framework. Today, let’s dive deeper into the details of making sure that your content gets published and how you can repurpose your content across multiple platforms.


Typically, I like to publish one long-form content for the week and create short-form content from it that goes out to our social media platforms throughout the week. In addition, we’ve come up with a database of all previous content that we published throughout the years where we can also repurpose content from so we can show up consistently online even if I am not able to publish new content or we just simply don’t have enough short-form content to publish for that week.


A little recap on how to create your content framework:


Come up with 4-5 major topics or types of content you will cover as it relates to your ideal client and what you help them with.


Brainstorm 4-5 headlines from each of the major topics you have (something you can give 3-4 tips about).


What’s next?


In every beginning of your content, make sure you explain to your audience why what you are about to talk about is important so that they know what’s in it for them if they continue to watch or listen or read on. 


Outline your headlines and go through each of them in detail.


Summarize your idea briefly and relate it back to why it is important to your audience.


At the end, include a call to action for your audience. Preferably, this is something that will make your audience get on your email list, join a community that you host, get on a call with you, or whatever this may look like in your business.


Repurposing Your Content


My choice of long-form content is usually in video form. I just hit record and with that piece of content, my team is able to repurpose the video in short clips or images for social media posts, the transcript can be turned into a blog post, and the audio into a podcast.


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It’s time to show up consistently and with ease for the clients you are meant to serve.


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