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How to Develop The Discipline of Writing a Book and The Creative Process with Elke Feuer

Dec 16, 2021

Authors and creative people in general run into so many of the same struggles and challenges where they have mindset issues, blocks, or the face undying question of “is this good enough?” with their art. 


The creative process is such a messy process and is not always linear. A lot of writers get stuck in the process of thinking that everything must go according to plan and that everything must be perfect or that they have to be fully ready before they start writing. The truth is, you don’t. You just have to start doing it anyway because this process is such a huge learning curve of everything -- from writing, editing, or publishing, and so the sooner you start, the better.


This week for my virtual coffee chat, I did a deep dive about writing and the creative process with fiction book coach and CEO of Caywriters, Elke Feuer.


The Creative Process: Process of Writing a Book

The creative process actually starts with you actually thinking about what you want to create  before you sit down to create. When you set aside time to work on writing your book, or any other creative process, start visualizing what you want to create 30 minutes or 15 minutes, or even 5 minutes before that. What this does is that it actually opens up your creative side of the brain and gets those creative juices flowing so that when you sit down to write, your characters and your muse, and everything is kind of there waiting for you.


It is also important to think about your art and writing as a business and not just as a hobby only. Develop the mindset of considering your writing and creativity as a business and something that you need to put in the work and the time for you to reap the benefits - in this case, yes, it’s the money that’s going in your bank account. It will not always be wonderful because since your business is creative, this sucks the creativity out of you, but the truth is it does take a little bit of mindset and getting used to.


More than just the creative side, I’m sure that we all like something else about our business. Focusing on these things and doing these components will help to get you excited about thinking of it as a business.  


Even though it can be difficult in a creative place to show up when you don’t feel inspired, or you feel like you are not in a good place to be creating, when you treat your writing or creativity as a business, you force your mind to still show up anyway and show up with the level of commitment for what you’re there to do. This mindset has such a positive ripple effect on your business. 


Ultimately, don’t forget to enjoy the process of creating and sharing your creativity with your people. Don’t let yourself be stuck with the mindset of creating something just for the money it will bring. And if this doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out and that’s okay. There’s going to be more content and more things to be created.


Challenges with Fiction Writing

One of the most common challenges of fiction writers or writers in general is their consistency with creating. There are a lot of people who start writing but don’t actually finish. This boils down to not really having a writing routine and not learning how to deal with mindset such as how to deal with when writer’s block comes up. There’s this societal expectation for writers to go off into a cabin, close the door, and come out with a finished book. However, this is not the reality. Writing is a routine and a habit that needs to be developed. Consistency with writing happens through the small incremental habits that we develop.


Another challenge writers face is not having the support they need. The misconception that writers have to do it all on their own is sometimes what keeps writers from moving forward when the truth is that there’s a wonderful community of support that’s there to help you. 


Also, one of the biggest challenges for writers is not learning about the industry and the genre that they write about. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put out something that you want to read yourself, but there are still a lot of elements about the writing industry that writers need to be aware of and learn about. This can be a huge problem because it can seem so overwhelming. 


How to Publish Books

Book launches can be very intimidating for writers, but how do you “perfectly” publish a book? News flash: There is no step-by-step process for this. There can be different types of launches to do. It’s important to be open to different strategies for launching different books and genres. Understand what strategy is more suitable for you and your audience and look at what is going to work best for you.


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