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How to Eliminate the 3 Biggest Problems Faced by SMEs (EP #193)

Nov 16, 2020

You might have dealt with problems faced by Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). You were just trying to create endless content. Even if you managed to do it, your income didn’t go up. Gurus told you that being on all platforms is the way to grow your business, but then it didn’t work out for you again. Thriving coaches have been there at some point. Some had to deal with other problems to get to where they are now. In this episode, Mariana talks about these types of problems, so you can avoid those traps inside your coaching business.


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Key takeaways for Problems Faced by SMEs:

[06:01] Do you have the courage to use statistics to solve the problems faced by SMEs?

[08:45] What statistics are for and how to use them to your advantage

[09:41] What if I told you that you could make more money than 5 years ago with coaching online now?

[12:46] Among the problems faced by SMEs, this one is the number 1

[16:18] The hidden truth about cash flow and what successful coaches are aware of

[19:41] Why having a team is necessary in order to grow your coaching business.


Even if there are many boulders on the way when trying to build a multiple 6-figure business working 3 days a week, thriving coaches can still stay consistent and profitable with their business. It doesn’t happen overnight. But we are here to help you out every step of the way. Find out more inside our complimentary discovery call.


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