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How to Fill Your Group Program with High End Clientele

Apr 10, 2019

A high-end group coaching program can really build the sustainable, recurring revenue model that you as a coach or consultant is looking for. Imagine making multiple six-figures, while only working three days a week. This is all attainable when we work towards high-end programs. And so in this post I want to share with you How to Fill Your Group Program with High End Clientele.

Group programs allow you to replace that one-on-one income by serving 10 or more clients at the same time. And when you're selling this higher end program, you're then creating not only the financial freedom, but also time freedom. 

This is an amazing opportunity for those of you that have a whole lot of life going on. Yes, I'm talking to you Mothers and Fathers. 

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Let’s get down to how we're going to make this happen.


Creating an Irresistible Offer For Your Premium Coaching Packages

The first thing you need to sell your premium coaching packages is an irresistible offer. The offer you create should be completely irresistible for your ideal clients. 

If you want to know more about what goes into an irresistible offer, you can read it here

In the next section, I lay down the top three things needed to create a High ticket coaching funnel for this offer. These are based on neuroscience principles, which is where my zone of genius lies and what I use to structure my business, and also making sure that we are serving our clients to the best of our ability.


What Goes Into Creating a High Ticket Coaching Funnel For Your Irresistible Offer?

There are three very important things that go into a high ticket coaching funnel:

 1. Who you help and what you help them with.

Now: I realize that this sounds super basic, but hear me out.

The amount of clients I work with who struggle to sell their group programs because they don't have these two things dialed in is staggering. 

If those two things are not specific enough, you won't be attracting your ideal customer.  

Let me give you an example of how I made $1,500 from one single post for a podcasting intensive group program that will help you nail down who you help and what you help them with:

This is what we said: “We help you to get your podcast profitable. For coaches and consultants who are established and want to elevate their visibility. If you are trying to start a podcast and you do not have a team, you're going to be in for a lot of work. This is not a quick fix”.

We were super clear that it was about elevating their visibility, elevating their content, and making money for established coaches and consultants. Not for individuals who were trying to start podcasting. 

Next, to find out who self identified, I simply said: “Drop a GIF if this is you”  

Just like that, I could easily identify my ideal clients for the program instead of shooting blindly at a target.

If you need help dialing in on this, take our Stages of Business Assessment and get a complimentary consultation at the end.

2. The Transformation.

Where are they when they begin the program? And what does their life look like after the program? That is the transformation you have to be crystal clear about.

How do we do this?

When looking at all the things your program does as if they’re a chain of dominos, only address the biggest domino. Because If you go about addressing every little issue you want to resolve it will muddy up your message. 

Speak to one person only. One person, one problem and one transformation. That is going to make the program message super irresistible and super clear.

3. Risk reversal.

When they decide to purchase your program or offer, what’s going to help them let go of their safety net (money) and buy from you? How are you going to make it a no brainer for them?

I'll give you another example of what I have done:

When I was doing one-on-one coaching, I decided to do a money back guarantee. I said, You're going to make your money, your entire investment in coaching back within the time we're working together. Otherwise I’ll just coach you for free until you do. 

And the results were incredible. We literally had people applying and coming out of the woodwork to come and work with me.

And it helped me to feel really confident and comfortable with what I was doing. 

We do the same for our year long group program, the Profitable Impact Formula. If at the end of the year they feel that it was worth the money they've paid for it, we give their entire investment back. 

It’s a way of showing that we're going to show up for you no matter. I want people in the group program to feel really supported.

Now, you don't have to provide a money back guarantee. But make it completely irresistible by lowering their risk factor. 

So what for you is going to help reduce the risk for your potential buyer? Get creative and do not be afraid. 

The market is getting more and more saturated, and one way for you to stand out is to go above and beyond to provide results.


Goal Casting: Attracting High End Clients

There’s a huge difference between goal setting and goal casting. Goal setting is saying I want to make $20,000 a month. Goal casting is about knowing your numbers. 

Say you want to have a $10,000 launch. Awesome! What is your conversion rate? Do you have a big enough audience? How many leads do you have right now? How many leads are you going to bring in? Do you have the infrastructure that supports receiving that money? 

When you are goal casting, you are not just creating a goal for yourself, you are actually making it attainable. It creates a huge shift in your perspective and how you set yourself up.

Let me put it into perspective for you:

So you're selling a high end group program for $10,000 and you want to get to six figures. That's 10 clients at 10,000. If that's your goal, you need to have 2-10 times the leads for that. 

Hint. If you're selling a $10,000 program, you’re going to be selling through sales calls because we know that sales calls convert at a much higher conversion rate. 

A webinar converts at around 3% and sales calls converts around, 30 at the low end, all the way to 80%. I've had clients get 99% close rate on sales calls.

If you know your numbers and you have a system to support our goal, then you know that as long as you do x amount of calls, you’re bound to reach your goal of 10 sales. 

That is the difference with goal casting. You are methodically, getting the number that you need to meet all the way to when you actually have the launch.


How To Attract High Paying Clients Into Your Group Program And Make The Money

1. Make the Offer

So Firstly, If you want to attract high paying clients into your group program and make the money, you have to make the offer.  

If you are one who is still struggling to make the offer, I want you to do this from a place of service. 

This comes back to the transformation. What their life looks like before and what it looks like after. You must think about those people that could potentially come into your program and have their life be completely changed and ask yourself: Is it worth it for me to not give them this gift, not even give them the opportunity to have this gift by holding onto this offer and this gift for myself, because I'm afraid?

2. Have a Conversion Event

Secondly, We have to have a conversion event. A conversion event is an opportunity for people to hear about your offer and to raise their hand and say, YES! I want to learn more about this.

It could be a live stream series. It could be a challenge, a webinar, a sales call, one email, a Facebook post. There is no one way. 

If you don't have the network, a leads list or the audience to get the launch you want, what do you do then? You slowly and methodically build that audience. 

So for example, When I changed my business from being a general business coach to specializing in group programs, I realized all the people that even though my audience was around 2000 people, they were not the people that were interested in group coaching per se. 

And when I started talking about group programs, it fell on deaf ears. Instead, I had to grow the audience that was interested in group programs. So I started with, audience building. Creating content around that topic, having the email list, having the lead magnets and having challenges and webinars, et cetera.

The good news is, as you are growing that audience and that lead list, you can still be making money. 

Read more about building a Six Figure Coaching Business Without a Giant Audience here.

3. Combine Marketing and Sales

If you are like me and you have a smaller audience, it's important that you have a very clear distinction between marketing and sales activities. 

We’ve talked about using sales calls, which have much higher conversion rates versus a marketing event, like a webinar, but you want to use them both in conjunction because the marketing events will continue to grow your audience and grow your list, which then lays the road for the future. 

So you're going to make your offer. You're going to start pre-selling your high end group program, you’ve said what it's going to be and who it's going to help. You've to set goals and you're going to start pre-selling it. 

Now it's time to launch it. This is how you prevent having a launch that has two people in it:

You combine the marketing and sales aspect. In this blog post I dive into the difference between marketing and sales activities and how to use them together to have your successful multiple six figure launch.


To summarize: How to Fill Your Group Program with High End Clientele

So number one, create an irresistible offer. Number two is creating a high ticket coaching funnel for your offer and there are three parts to this. Be super clear on who you help and what you help them with, what that transformation is, and having the risk reversal. How are you making it even easier for that person to decide to say yes?

Number three is goal casting. You're going to cast the net and predictably create that goal. 

And lastly is making the offer, having that conversion event to grow your audience, and combining marketing and sales to have a consistent recurring income.


If you’re struggling to fill your group program with high end clients, then fear no more. This is exactly what we help coaches and consultants with at the coaching for impact community. Take our quick 6 question Stages of Business assessment here and get a complimentary consultation call to discuss your results and set you up for success.


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