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How To Give Yourself Peace of Mind After Leaving The Career You Went to School For

Jul 09, 2019

A lot of emotions come up when you think about leaving the career you went to school for.

Most of the clients I work with have bachelors or masters degrees. These people are highly educated. Maybe they climbed up the corporate ladder and became a professional in the upper echelon of a company.

Many of you are high achievers and worked on this goal for a long time. Leaving that environment is causing some shame, guilt and pain for you. And that’s completely unnecessary.

Try to think differently about the situation. 

Move forward and step into the role that you were meant to have 

Anytime you’re looking at the past, and thinking about what should have been you’re not moving to where you want to go. Steeping in those feelings can actually have you moving backwards.

Let go of the pressure cooker that is the thoughts causing these painful emotions. Anxiety, shame, guilt, are all unnecessary and only serve to weigh you down. 


Dealing With Your Mind


Everything happens exactly as it should. Whatever happened in the past is exactly what was supposed to happen.

When you think about the past and say things like…

I shouldn’t have gone to college for that...

I should have gone into this career...

I should have done this...

I should have done that...

You’re creating all this unnecessary pain for yourself. You can’t enjoy the current moment. Most importantly you can’t move your life forward and make it amazing when you do this.

We can’t go back and change what happened in the past. We can’t argue with it either. The more we do that the more we let the current moment slip away.

Not all paths are a straight line and that's okay

I started in brain surgery. I then climbed the corporate ladder. After that I got into hospital administration. Then I remembered how much I loved business. 

The process, the convoluted loops and spins allowed me to remember what was really real for me all this time.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

It's not a straight line, you're going to take several turns on this journey of life. If it was a straight line and everyone knew exactly what they were going to do then life would be pretty boring.

Most of us don’t want that. There would be no depth to our conversations and our experiences as a human.

We think we want things to be different and so straightforward. But if you really thought about it, that would be pretty boring. We want that contrast. We want the highs and the lows so we can appreciate the highs so much more after seeing the lows. 

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Let’s say you were an engineer in your field. And you were amazing. You saw the possibility of advancing in that career and the possibility of advancing in your own business.

You liked having the power to choose. The power to promote yourself. The power to pay yourself. The power to create for your own purpose.

You didn't just see it but you took it and you ran with it. You made it happen. This wouldn't have happened if you were this amazing, courageous and strong human that you are.

This is not for everyone though. Some people aren’t meant to be entrepreneurs. They might want something else and they go for it then they get it. And that's great for them.

Consider how you’re viewing this change. 

Are you saying you should be in this career? 

Are you doing this because your parents are telling you to? 

Is what you're supposed to do?

This is going to hold you back from showing up in your business. Rewrite it and say what you want to say about the situation.

You're now living out your purpose and it's amazing. You’re grateful for this opportunity and helping so many people

Focus on this 99% of your day. Not on the thought that you should be working in your career you went to school with.


Dealing With The Debt


A lot of people go into student debt in order to go to college. And It takes a long time to pay this off.

If this is you then you might be feeling guilt and resentment if you still have debt. You may think you need to be working in this career because you went into debt to get that degree.

But I want to remind you that debt is neutral.

The debt itself is actually neutral. It's only the thoughts you have about it that is causing you to feel bad about it. 

These are just thoughts. You don't need to keep choosing those thoughts. You can choose a thought that would help you instead of hold you back.

You can say that you have the debt and you’re going to pay off the debt without working in that career. Watch me!

You can say you're going to pay yourself well in your business. It's not going to ever be close to what you could ever make in your other career. I'm going to create that much money and value in the world by being that good in my industry.

It's all a matter of how you’re viewing it.

If you're viewing it as bad and guilting yourself then it's going to become this mountain of shame. It's going to be really hard to work day to day in your business. 

Also consider how this looks to potential clients. Show up in a way that’s attractive to them. It’ll be hard to create that value in the world and make that impact you want to make.

Use it as fuel and motivation to pay off the debt. Just don’t let it stop you from doing what you were meant to do.



Dealing With Family and Friends


When I first started everyone thought I was crazy.  All my friends and family thought I was losing my mind.

She’s leaving this great career. 

All she’s doing is posting on Facebook. 

What is she doing?

You already made the decision to start this business and make this your career. Your business is not going to be an impactful business on its own. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

You’re the one that decides what you will become moving forward despite what anyone else thinks or says.

Your business is not going to do better unless you work it. If you want this to be your career now you have to treat it like your career. Are you showing up to your business like you were showing up to your career? If the answer is no then you have work to do.

Work on your thoughts, and what you believe is possible for you. How you want to show up and your belief in making it happen.

For you high achievers, you believed in getting the degree and you made it happen. But in sophomore year you didn’t suddenly think you weren't going to graduate right? You believed each year that you were creating the result of graduating. The same thing happens in your business.

If you're spinning in doubt and insecurity and lack of belief then you have more mental work and thought work to do. You must work on believing so you’re showing up fully as if it was your career. Because it is!



Dealing With Being Recruited


Maybe you're in a career where you're highly sought after like a nurse or engineer and jobs need to be filled. You must be so sure in your ability to create money, and pay yourself. You need to be confident in your ability to create value and impact in your business. Be so confident that it doesn't even phase you.

When I get these messages I don’t bat an eye. I say I no longer work in this field, take me off your list. It never seems to stop them though.

Sometimes I just laugh. In the beginning, I thought that it’s just the universe testing my persistence and my willpower to stay with the business and really believe that I can do this. 

Those have been the things that helped me ignore the potential jobs that come my way. My impact that I am making in the world is so much bigger than what that job might offer me.

I'm not going to be tempted by that. I'm not gonna think that the grass is greener on the other side. I've been there, and done that. I am solid in my decision.

This has all come from creating an actual impactful business.

I think you know your purpose or what you’re meant to do on this earth sometimes. Maybe you felt like your previous job was your purpose. I know I did.

When I was working as a transplant coordinator, it was the best thing in the world. I loved this career. This is  what I was meant to. 

Now I see it as that was what I was meant to do at that time. And now I'm meant to do this for the time being.

Yes, it may change again down the line. I doubt it, but it might. Again I’ll look at it and say that was perfect for me. At that time, it was exactly what was meant to be.

As long as I stay on the path of listening to myself and tuning in words. Not listening to the naysayers, the people that doubt and think I’m crazy. Or the recruiters who want to fill a position.

Listen to yourself and trust yourself in your choices.

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