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How to Go From Struggling to Thriving with These Routines of Successful Leaders

Feb 15, 2021

Did you ever feel like you are working nine to five without actually working nine to five? Are you doing coaching calls until 11 o'clock at night multiple times a week? You might be thrilled because of the money but you have a strange feeling of emptiness at the same time?

That is exactly how I felt last year before I oversold my coaching practice and got 10 more hours per week to spend with my children.  

So, I actually started with some tips that helped me to overcome the struggle and save 10 hours a week while still growing my business.


Start with these CEO productivity tips

One of the things that I have set up and that you should have are systems and processes just like a standard way of doing things. In corporate, it might have been called standard operating procedures and it is important to  have them set up so you don't start from zero and recreate the wheel every single time.

Whether it is opt – image on Canva, for example, if you don't have a checklist you will not know what to do next. That will use lots of your creative energy  and will load off your brain and lead to decision fatigue.

So, the very first thing that you can do today to help yourself is to set up a calendar management system and make it your CEO daily checklist.

You can start with a plain calendar and find a way to plan out your stuff. Figure out what you are going to do every week and have a system for managing your calendar on top of that.

You don't have to use anything that you don't already have. Google calendar, Satori, Calendly will work too. The key thing is to have the time blocks for available coaching calls, available discovery calls blocked off in your calendar.

The second thing is that you don't have to be involved in every step of your content creation process.

We want to provide value and to grow our following and expand our reach. And therefore we need content to show up on our behalf every single day. If you have team members, you should create a system and process in the backend.

Set up some simple things, like templates that you and your team members can use. I used to do all the things in my business and I felt like I can never get through my to – do list.

And then I realized that I don't have space in my brain to come up with creative ideas. And that was because I was playing the role of an intern. Even though I was making $15K a month I was so overstressed and knew I couldn't keep up with that.

I don't have to be the one doing all of that, because my team can make multiple videos from my podcast, they can give stuff to my clients, put it on Facebook. 

So if you are doing all of those things, I would highly encourage you to hire somebody onto your team to help you with that. You can hire a virtual assistant to set up a system that will do this for you. 

I also really wanted to improve my skills in podcasting but I don't have to do the editing. I don't have to do formatting of guest blog posts or posting in my Facebook group. Usually, I was taking six hours a week plus writing my own blog posts, doing the block, the podcast.

The other thing you can do is reviewing what you have done so that you can see how you can improve things.

And my intention behind trying to do the editing of the podcast was to review my podcast episodes and see how I could improve my technique. But I was also checking in every single Facebook post to find out how many likes I had, how many comments I had, why I thought it had a lot of likes and comments.

I think this is important for you and your business. But I also think that as a CEO of your business you should not do that. I outsourced that and I think that saved me between one to two hours a week.

Finally, the other thing that was life-changing was to create a system for getting paid. For me, it looked like a funnel that I built that didn't require me to be there. That was life – changing because I made a sale a day for a month on a small digital program that then sold into a higher package that then sold into one-on-one coaching.

Before, I was reaching out to clients or potential clients manually. And my opt-ins were not good. They were not converting that well, and they weren't really working to warm up the leads I was getting. And so I needed to create a process for streamlining people into my higher level packages.

You should have a program to make money back that does not require you to manually be there.

You don't have to spend a single penny on Facebook ads, unless you make that money back. You should focus on what is your return on investment and stop spending time and money on ads and social media without a plan for making that money back.


So to sum up, to become a successful entrepreneur you should set up a productivity schedule. This includes systems and processes that will help you to recreate steps in your business and help you to become efficient. Delegating can also help you in this process because it will allow you to come up with new creative ideas while setting up a system to get paid can help you to earn money while you are not working.


What are your routines that save you time and make you a thriving entrepreneur? If you struggle to  set them up we can help you. We will create these routines for you, specifically for your business and help you to stop trade dollars for hours. Apply for a DISCOVERY CALL and refresh your life and business.



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