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How to Handle Sales Objections and Rejections with Carol Ben-Davies

Jan 06, 2022

Sales is not for everyone. Even just hearing the word sales can trigger anxiety and stress to some people. However, if you choose to be in the entrepreneurial world, sales is non-negotiable regardless if you see yourself as a salesperson or not. 


My dear friend and client, Carol Ben-Davies, Dean of College Bound Determination, has joined me in sharing with you our real experience in handling objections, dealing with rejection in sales and moving through that as entrepreneurs.


Key Takeaways from How to Handle Sales Objections and Rejections:

[01:58] What 2022 looks like for Carol business and mindset-wise

[04:36] What is means for clients if they choose not to work with Carol 

[07:56] Selling is helping

[12:02] Why the term selling has a negative connotation to it

[19:43] Facing objections in sales


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