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How to Hire People for Your Coaching Business: Remote Interview Process

Apr 21, 2022

If you’re looking to expand your team in your coaching business, here are some tips on how to hire people for your coaching business and what that process looks like in an online remote setting from start to finish.


1. Generate consistent recurring revenue to cover the salary of your employee/s. 

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2. Create the job description for the role. 

The job description should not just list down what task they are focusing on but also what are the income-producing activities you can delegate to them so they can help with generating the consistent recurring revenue in your business.


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3. Advertise the job opening to online job sites.

Online hiring is very convenient now, especially if you are building a virtual team as you can also hire somebody outside of your area, even outside of the country.


4. Sort out qualified candidates through pre-qualification.

You may find it overwhelming to sort through hundreds of applications at once. One workable solution for this is to create a qualifier that you can include within your application instructions so you can capture those who can initially follow instructions and have read through the instructions.


5. Interview the top candidates to understand both their previous experience and their personality.

You can make it a free-flowing conversation between you and the candidate or prepare a list of questions you can ask them. The goal of the interview is to get more information not just about their work experience but also to get to know their character traits and personality. Job experience is trainable, while soft skills such as their professionalism, team work, and work ethic are not. 


6. Have your candidates demonstrate their skills through a simple skill test or a challenge.

How we do it inside the school is we provide them a simple set of instructions exactly like how we delegate the task to current team members. This way, the candidate gets to take a peek of what it looks like working inside the company and alternatively, you also have the opportunity to gauge their capabilities to do actual tasks that you provide.


7. Have an optional second interview.

If after the interview and the challenge, you still haven’t come up with your decision, you can conduct an optional second interview to confirm your estimates of where people are at and check the congruence of their answers from the first interview.


8. Choose your favorite candidate to offer the job to.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully chosen a qualified candidate that will help you build your consistent recurring revenue.


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