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How to Identify Your Ideal Client

Nov 25, 2021

We don’t need to work with everyone. We shouldn’t be working with everyone.


I want to stress about the importance of picking a who that can afford what you have to offer, and is ready and willing to work with you. A who that is specific enough that they can raise their hand confidently and say, “that’s me”. This who is your ideal client.


In my business, we are already pretty niched down because we are working with coaches. However, through assessing the metrics of our content, we’ve discovered that because we span through all the stages of business, we're losing people.  What's happening is that people will come because they need help with sales. And then the next week, I'm talking about hiring and they're like, “I'm not ready for that”, so they go away. This shows that identifying your niche or your ideal client doesn’t just include the psychographic nor demographics. 


I primarily speak to women of color and also the people who do not identify as a ‘cool kid’, the people on the fringes who are trying to make something that helps others. This is the who in my business. 


Even though we're very specific in many ways in identifying our ideal client, we're still not specific enough. Take a moment to reevaluate your who and make sure it is super specific. Can they raise their hand and say, “yes that’s me”? It’s important to nail in and really zero in on something that they are already saying to themselves, not something that you're putting on them, not something you're making up, nor something that you're having them think about or trying to get them to think about.


Once you’re set with your ideal client, it’s time to up-level your sales so that you are more effective at communicating the value of what you do. Start tapping into your unlimited earning potential with the Impact Formula Framework, your step-by-step guide to creating your consistent recurring revenue.



Wherever you’re reading and watching this from, I want you to remember:


You are capable.

 You are strong.

 You are here to make a difference.


Go on your way today to do that <3


Lots of love,



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