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How to Increase Your Results Without More Work

Feb 03, 2019

Imagine revving up your car engine and believing that alone will automatically translate to you getting to your destination just because the engine is doing more work and burning more gas. But as funny as that is, that is exactly what burnt out coaches do when they believe that more work will instantly lead to more results in their business.

However, they usually end up frustrated when their experience is on the contrary. This article is about how to increase your results without more work, but by changing how you show up in your business.

This strategy can increase your production by 100-500% with no additional input. However, your mindset plays a very important role in your overall business success and how you show up in your business.


How Align Your Mindset for Business Success

Your business success depends on how you can manage your brain. That is why we always include complimentary access to Mindset Mastery in all our programs. The aim is to teach you how to align your mindset to support and not obstruct your business success.

Burnt out coaches struggle for years, hoping that things will change in their business. And they sincerely try their best in building their business to make this happen. But unfortunately, one of these two things happens instead:

  1. They usually end up shutting down their business and returning to their 9-5 job. 
  2. And if they do not do that, they continue to struggle to make just enough to make ends meet.

The reason for their frustration is that they lack proper brain management skills and they are not aware of that. But because they do not understand how to work with their brain, they continue that pattern of trying, hoping, and wishing that they will succeed in their business. And that usually perpetuates their failure. 

To align your mindset to serve you in your business, the first and most important thing you need to do is to operate in 100% integrity with yourself. That will be a source of a breakthrough in your business. 

What it means is you developing the discipline to keep your word to yourself. This is the most important skill you need to master if you want to learn how to manage your brain.


If you do not keep your word to yourself, it will cost a lot. First, it might cost you thousands and thousands of dollars in revenue. 

Second, it will not allow you to set a good example for the team you are leading. 

And third, you cannot make the impact or give the transformation you sincerely want to give those you serve. 

Therefore, keeping your word to yourself is important if you must operate as an impact-driven entrepreneur and as a Thriving Impactful CEO. And just like any new thing we want to learn, the simpler you make it for yourself, the quicker you can master it. So I recommend that you start by having 3 items on your to-do list.


Setting Up Your 3 Item To-Do List

Let me show you why setting up your 3 item to-do list is important. Everybody in business wants to succeed, but shit happens. And it turns out that not everybody succeeds. 

And the difference between Thriving Impactful CEOs and burnt out coaches is that while Thriving Impactful CEOs do the things required to succeed and burnt out coaches only try to do them. 

Each time you have a conversation with them you will hear them say things like I am trying to post on social media. I am trying to make more money. I want to sell more; and things like that. And that is where the problem is.

The way to stand up is by standing up, not by merely trying or wanting to stand up. That is also true for your business. Once you have understood the importance of keeping your word to yourself, the next thing to do is setting up your 3 item to-do list. 

These are things you commit to doing come hell or high water. This is the key to optimal performance in business. If you want to run a profitable six-figure business, you cannot do it from the place of trying. It is just not possible. 

I always emphasize the importance of alignment in your business. How you are showing up, what you are saying, and what you are believing needs to be in alignment with the particular result you want to get. 

Here are two ways to handle this. You can stop telling yourself that you want a result that you are not going for. 

Alternatively, you can align your behavior, your ways of showing up, and your beliefs to get the result you want by including the required actions in your to-do lists.

Over the years I have seen a lot of burnt out coaches who want to get to multiple six figures in business but are working on things that can never get them to that result. The math just does not just add up.

Either they are doing tasks that are worth $2 like selling a $2 membership program or they worry about their business for 20 hours a day, which leads to producing no results. 


Let’s say that you want to create $10,000 this month. Then you need to identify 3 key tasks you will commit to carrying out on each day to make that a reality. You can do more than those 3 activities on the days you have some free time, of course. But those three activities need to be prioritized.

I practiced this when I was building my business with two kids under 2. That time I had time for only 3 things on my to-do list every single day. And I produced the results I needed by doing it. 

That single strategy allowed me to get to $15,000 in one month within seven months of my business. I did those three things I told myself that I was going to do. I was in integrity with my word.

And no matter what happened, poops on diapers, a child in the hospital, and all the crap that life threw at me then; I kept those words to myself. 

The 3 item to-do list need not be the same every day. Just do the things that will help move your business forward every single day. 

You are the CEO and you have to manage your business the way a pilot manages the trajectory of an airplane. If wind knocks you off by even one degree, you will end up in a different location. That is why you ensure that you perform those 3 tasks no matter what.


How to Maximize Your Learning as a Coach

Another thing I see burnt out coaches do that prevents them from showing up in their business in a way that serves them, is taking courses after courses and coaching program after coaching program. I am not against taking courses. Instead, I want to show you how to maximize your learning as a coach.

Ultimately, what will grow your business is not the courses you took, the ideas you got, or the lessons you learned. Implementing the things you learned in the program is what will grow your business. 

So, you need to commit to putting the lessons you learned from your courses and coaching programs into practice. That builds your business. 

And that is exactly why I ensured that our signature program, The Profitable Impact Formula Program, is a comprehensive implementation program and not a program where you will just watch video lessons, filling out pretty worksheets, and overload your brain with ideas.

A lot of programs out there might provide you with valuable resources. But how are you going to use them if there is no implementation? 

You have two commitments to make if you want to get the best from any coaching program. First, you commit to complete the program after you have decided the result you want to get and confirmed that the program will help you achieve that. Second, you commit to implementing the things you learned in the program to achieve your desired result. 

The program provided you with resources. It is a means to an end and not an end. 

Jumping from one course to another without sitting down to apply the lessons learned from those courses in your business could be a sign that there is another problem. Maybe there is an underlying fear that is hindering you from getting into the game and building your business. And you must deal with that fear.


So, before you invest in a program, make sure that you truly want the particular result which that program can help you get. That will help you follow through and complete the program, even when it becomes uncomfortable. 

For example, I once invested $30,000 in a program, but somewhere along the line, the coach started acting funny. She was stealing ideas that I discussed with her in a confidential coaching call and implemented it in her own business within 24 hours. But I still honored my word and made sure that I completed the program.

Honoring your word is so important that it can turn your business around. The Social Science Research Network did some research on this principle of integrity and honoring your word to yourself. And they discovered that with zero additional input, the output of employees went and production went up from 100 to 500% increase.

That is possible for you if you can honor your word and then make it a culture in your organization.


Summarizing How to Increase Your Results Without More Work

The singular most important thing that can bring a massive shift in your business is changing how you show up in your business. And you do this by being in integrity with yourself, so you are honoring your word to yourself.

Once you commit to honoring your word to yourself, it becomes easy for you to commit to doing the work required to get the results. You desire come hell or high water. This commitment also enables you to implement what you have learned from courses and programs, which is how to maximize your learning as a coach.

This strategy alone can increase your productivity and that of your team by 100- 500% as shown by the Social Science Research Network. Therefore, so much is possible for you, your business, your team, and those you serve including the clients that attend your group coaching program once you adopt this strategy of honoring your word to yourself.


Do you want to take the guesswork out of your group coaching program? We have created a group coaching checklist for you. Go to The Ultimate Group Coaching Checklist to sign up now. This checklist will help you ensure you don’t miss a step in adding multiple 6-figures with your group coaching.


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