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How to Keep a Group Engaged? The Secret Behind Getting More Interactions on Facebook

Mar 29, 2021

Facebook groups can be one tactic to grow your audience, but it doesn’t have to be the only. If it's not 100% aligned with what feels good to you, there are a million other ways to build a business.

If you still want to build your audience through Facebook groups and you are wondering how to keep a group engaged, you need to give yourself grace. If you stopped engaging and showing up in your group, you need to have some forgiveness and not be hard on yourself.

And so if you are struggling to get more interaction on Facebook, because you didn't show up in your Facebook group you need to clear that, otherwise, when you do decide to show up, you will feel shame and guilt. And that's not going to serve you. Long-term, it's not going to create consistency and persistence, which is what you need. 

Nothing in the past needs to be changed. You can just move forward. And as long as you are in alignment, as long as you're intentional with what you're creating, then you can move forward.

I talk about this in the Profitable Impact Formula, which is my one year long coaching program to help you create, launch, and sell.


How to Effectively Engage a Facebook Group


Now we're getting into the strategy piece and talking about why engagement matters.

Engagement matters because your engaged audience is the most likely to convert into sales in your business. Whether that is the sales for your group program, your one-on-ones or your courses, your engaged audience is most likely the one that will convert. Therefore, having an engaged audience is an important objective of your business.

So there's a  between having an audience and having an engaged audience. I can be the first to attest to this because when I was running my previous branding, the model entrepreneur programs, I had a Facebook group with about 2000 members. And when I switched branding and I went to be a impact driven entrepreneur, I still had those members in my group. 

However, not all of them were into my message. They were not all engaged. I lost a lot of my audience because of that brand change. And therefore 2000 members was not what I really had in terms of people that were actually interested in what I was talking about.

But any group, any audience is a hugely valuable asset to your company because it allows you to validate and really connect with the audience that will be purchasing from you. 

There is no shame in having a small group. Actually, I think it's a beautiful gift to have a smaller group because it means each of you have a much deeper connection with me. I pretty much know every single person and have at least one personal touch point with every person in the group.

And also consider the possibility of starting a new group, if it's really different. And, it gave me an opportunity to reevaluate the rules and really think how I wanted to run the group, what different aspects of the group would look like?

Because, my commitment to everyone in this group is to show you how to build out a six-figure group program branch of your company. And it's a very different mission and message than the other group that I had. Having those objectives even for your free Facebook community is important because it helps you to identify where your focus will be. This will ensure that everybody there is really getting what they signed up for when they join.

The first time we cleaned up my email list I literally deleted more than 2000 people from my email list.  And it was such a weight off of my shoulders. It just felt so freeing and so really good. The percentage of open rates went up and bounce rates went down. Everything started to look nice and better, and also just helped me to really open up space for the people that were meant to be there.

Like I said, I ended up closing that mom entrepreneur group and started a fresh one. But I had to engage my audience in that new group too. Here is what I did. 


The Value of Facebook Group Engagement Questions


Number one, I started with daily Facebook group engagement questions.

You see us doing this every day. We have daily engagement questions. Why? Because number one, I am creating a community and connection which is good for engagement. It is for creating conversations that are valuable.

You need daily engagement posts to get your people talking about different things. It can be very strategic and it can just be really light and fun and whatever you want to talk about. It doesn't have to be strategic all the time.

You want to have content that shows the real facts about what you believe. And that is going to automatically be polarizing.

I have some very strong beliefs about how businesses should be run. And I think a lot of online business owners and business coaches are not teaching business in the way that I teach it. Why? Because they don't have the corporate background. So I share it very openly - you gotta run your business like a CEO and visionary.

This means that you have to up-level and really run a company. You have to be polarizing in your own way and share your beliefs, how you do the work, what are your strong opinions about your industry, about what you do, how you do it and why is it so different.

And inherently, that is going to cause some sheet stirring of the pot. However, it's critical because if you don't share that with your audience, they are not going to work with you, whether in your group program or your one-on-one. And they're going to feel like they're in a relationship with someone, without any idea who it is and that's not good.


How to Get More Interaction in Your Facebook Group 


Secondly, the people that are right for you are going to rise to the top. And that's again the purpose of the engagement campaign. You're going to see that happen. So you want to create some polarizing conduct.

Next, you need to do a live every week. So once a week, you need to do lives to re-engage that audience to have that one-on-one connection with people. Do a full promotion for your live, don't just go live and be done. You can, but for the re-engagement campaign I would like you to do is to really do full promotion.

If you're in the Profitable Impact Formula, we teach from top to bottom about everything you need to do to promote your lives, to make sure you have a lot of people live with you and to make sure that your audience is maximally engaged. 

And you can do a lot if you make sure you're having really honest, loving conversations with the members of your group. So that would be what my re-engagement campaign would look like.

You are probably wondering how long the re-engagement campaign should last? 

If you are operating your business and you are expecting results from one day to the next you should run it for 90 days. If you're expecting the audience to show up from nowhere every single day, you have to be consistent.

You must go long-term and if you want to make a difference in the world, that's what it takes. You can't make a huge difference in the world in one week. It's going to take a long time. That's why my programs are awhile. And we do plans in my program for the whole quarter.

We do a 90 day plan because it takes 90 days to see the full effect. If you stick to your plan for 90 days you're going to be in a completely different place. And that long-term commitment to it is the key. 

Again, make sure that you are 100% aligned in terms of running a group, if that's really what you want to do. You can expect from 2 to 4% conversion rate into your programs. The re-engagement campaign is important for you to really re-engage the people that are meant to be there and to service them at a whole new level.


So, in summary:

  • Make sure you are 100% aligned with running a Facebook group
  • Understand people engaged in your group
  • Run re-engagement campaigns to re-engage with people
  • Train yourself the consistency for 90 days to see results



Need more? Apply for a consultation here and take next steps in creating a business that feels really good and that you can run as a true visionary CEO. We can help you to find areas that are holding you back from showing up 100% and align them with the strategies that you're utilizing in your company.


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