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How To Keep Your Confidence High as an Entrepreneur

Apr 05, 2021

Sometimes I feel like I am on top of the world. 

 Like I can do hard things, like a boss, like a badass. 

 And other times I feel like a complete failure as a business owner, as a mom, and in my life. 

 Can you relate?

 This is just a part of the human condition. 

 When I hear people ask me how to grow their confidence so that they can sell more.

 Or how to maintain that sense of “I can do anything” after the 50th rejection for the week. 

 The best answer I have is, #1 there is nothing wrong with you. 

 You are a human with a human brain that tends to generalize, and be really good at finding problems. 

 And more importantly, you are not the human that is on the sidelines, not going after your dreams. 

 YOU are showing up and going after your dreams. 

 It is natural to experience fear and doubt when you are playing life full out. 

 These feelings are what have allowed our species to survive for as long as it has. 

 #2 There are things you can do to set yourself up for success when the going gets tough and to increase your resilience when you are out there living your entrepreneurial life. 


Here are some of my favorites: 

  • Gratitude. I know it sounds cliché but it works. My favorite is the 365 Gratitude app. The messages are inspiring and help me to completely change my perspective. Plus the fun little calendar keeps me motivated to keep my gratitude streaks going and can help me to see my moods over a month long period.
  • Acknowledging my wins. So every night I will take some time to think about the things that I have accomplished that day. I thank myself for having done them. I mean seriously, when was the last time you acknowledged yourself for the regular stuff you do every day?
  • Be the nicest to yourself. During the midst of massive personal growth up-levels I was unloading the laundry and thought “I could do it like this to be more productive instead of like that” It was a light bulb moment when I realized that my striving for more and wanting to “improve” in every aspect of my life and really it was just a form of beating myself up. During, I had no one else in my life to bring me up. I had no one who would tell me “I believe in you” so I decided right there and then that I would do that for myself. I would be the kindest, most loving, most encouraging, and most supportive with myself first. 
  • Change your environment and state. Studies of the mind show us that our environment has a huge impact on our mood. When I started to play around with this idea last year, I noticed how different rooms in my house made me feel (since we were in a quarantine haha that’s all I had to go by). I also noticed how different audio and visual input made me feel. Then I started to engineer it on purpose. This meant doing things like listening to my favorite music and jumping up and down (Tony Robbins style) before going on video. And what I found was that my energy shifted therefore how I felt shifted and my results improved. I mean who wants to buy from someone who is like “meh you could buy this''? 
  • EFT. Especially if the issue is money blocks, EFT can really help to release a lot of the blocks and the fight/flight patterns I found myself stuck in over the last 7 years. I co-authored a book with Brad Yates who is huge on YouTube for his EFT videos. Pick one and follow along, they are all wonderful.
  • Meditation. Another one you probably have heard of, but it works time and time again. My favorite right now is the Ten Percent Happier app because each meditation is 10 minutes long and allows you to track your streak. I was on a 12 week streak, super proud of myself and then, I  missed one whole week! So now I am back to playing the game of let me stay consistent and keep seeing those numbers go up. Anything that is gamifying makes it much more fun and easy to keep up with which is why I am so grateful for apps like the ones mentioned above. 


These are just a few of the strategies that I have used to keep my confidence high even in the midst of difficult or challenging situations. 

At the end of the day, you are an amazing human being and I want you to know that my team and I are here for you. 

You will probably have rough days, and when you do, lean into these tools to keep your resilience high. 


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