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EP 107: How to Make $30K in 3 Hours a Week This Summer

Jul 16, 2019

Summer's here! It is that time of the year again where most of us are strapped for time and our productivity levels spiral down. I understand that many of you are really strapped for time as your kids are home for the summer or you are just really wanting to enjoy - like who doesn't, right? It happens to me too. Just last week, my kids were home between the holidays like from the 4th of July until they started camp this week and around these times, my productivity was low.

When this happens to you, you have to have a very clear plan and focus on the income-producing activities of your business.

And so, this week on the podcast, I did a special summer episode for you where I broke down the exact strategy that my team and I used to make $84K in just 30 days. I also discussed the step-by-step process on how I would actually go about this so that it would be doable for you to get to $30K this summer by working 3 hours a week.

Main takeaways:

[03:13] Retroactively looking at the numbers and proactively making all those numbers match up. Working backwards.
[08:12] A Marketing Launch is an event where you are selling from One to Many.
[09:05] Using Sales Activities to complement your Marketing Launches
[12:40] The breakdown of the numbers
[12:57] There is a difference between sales booked and dollars attained.
[13:55] Marketer math means $30K in sales but it is not necessarily $30K in your bank.
[19:08] One of the biggest mistakes is assuming that all your social media following are your leads. With the sales side, it actually benefits you to have a smaller pool that is more qualified.
[20:17] You must know where people are so you have the pulse on where their brain is and you are showing them things and having conversations with them at a level that is appropriate for them.

In case you need more help with Time Management, I actually did a training last summer in a special podcast episode, Episode 58: How To Master Your Schedule.

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