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How to Make an Income Leap in your Business (and How Not To)

Mar 22, 2021

Today I found myself beating myself up for not being at 7-figures yet in my business. 

Which honestly is quite dumb a lot of the decisions I have made up until this point have been about maintaining my schedule and my freedom over the money. 

In December I turned down a $25K client because I didn’t want to take on the workload it would entail. 

However, It was a full circle moment because a few years ago I did this when I was trying to get to 6-figures.

I was comparing my progress to the progress of others.

Thinking that there was some magical thing that I would have at 6-figures that I didn’t have now.

And guess what happened? 

I didn’t reach the goal from this place.


It wasn’t until I stopped looking at what anyone else was doing and started focusing on what I was doing and what my team was doing that I reached the goal.

Here is what it took: 

  • I looked at what I was responsible for and decided how I would manage these responsibilities.
  • I buckled down and stuck to my commitments to grow my businesses and doing it within the time blocks that worked for me (aka no procrastinating). This was the key to keep my work hours from exploding. 
  • I embodied the person that was at 6-figures a year and led my team as a 6-figure earner.


That's when I reached 6 figures.

I was so laser focused on this process that I didn't even realize that I had hit 6 figures and it was just like oh of course. AKA not a big deal like I had made it out to be in my mind.

In fact, that momentum continued that year and the first quarter of the following year we had already reached $250K in sales.

All because of the way I was showing up and what I was focusing on.

Right now among the pandemic we all have a lot more responsibility with kids at home, adjusting to the new normal and working to stay healthy among a global pandemic. 

With that being said, how do we want to show up to reach our goals?

How will we keep laser focused on what we are doing and push the goal forward within our time commitments and avoid procrastination?

Stop comparing your journey to the journey of others especially those that have a fraction of the responsibilities on their plate.

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