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How to organize your day as a work at home mom (EP 164)

Jul 28, 2020

In this episode, Mariana talks about how to organize your day as a work at home mom entrepreneur. She shares some of her personal tips and tricks that have helped her manage her business while homeschooling 2 kids under 6 in quarantine. 

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Key Takeaways for How to organize your day as a work at home mom:

  • [05:44] In the beginning of the week my project manager and I look at our main objectives for the business to move forward.
  • [06:30] Knowing that the plan isn't necessarily going to be followed, there's a few things that help me along the way.
  • [07:23] With my kids at home full time, I'm using a master schedule as a general guideline and I reduce my own expectations of myself.
  • [08:56] I’ve gone back to my three day CEO schedule.
  • [09:14] It's important to increase the amount of time that you think things are going to take you.
  • [10:00] Without a team helping you, it becomes a game where you can't grow your business and also take care of your family.
  • [12:15] As far as planning ahead, when my kids are home, I know that shit is going to hit the fan.
  • [13:01] Having a project manager who is a higher level person to take care of the day to day has been super helpful
  • [17:55] With this routine at home, my kids are more independent and that's taking a lot of the stress off of me.

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