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How to Overcome A Market Saturation Problem If You Feel Like the Market You Are In Is Saturated

Oct 23, 2017

Perhaps the market is not really saturated. But what's really going on is that you are feeling like that because social media keeps showing you the stuff that is similar to what you're also talking and posting about.

Today we are talking about what if you feel like the market is saturated, how to kind of overcome this market saturation problem of yours or is it really saturated?

The Circle You Belong to Can Create Create an Illusion that Your Market is Saturated

I think that we need to look at this objectively. I will offer you a few ideas to help you to do that. 

So let's dig right in. So what I feel is happening a lot online is that we are going into these little circles. 

And so if you're a coach, you probably know some other coaches. If you're a branding expert, you probably know quite a few other branding experts. Maybe you're a social media manager and you know a lot of those. 

And what happens is that you get on social media and you're surrounded by these people.

You're interested in the topic that they're talking about because you obviously post about that topic as well. Therefore, Facebook will automatically show you more of the stuff you're also talking about.

So whether you're intentionally seeking out the people that are like you or not, Facebook will kind of start to group you together. And it will bring you together based on the circles that they have in the circles that you have.

And so what happens is then we feel like the market is saturated. We feel like there is just so much of a coach or a branding expert or social media manager when in reality it's just a product of the Facebook algorithm.

And truly, it is just the Facebook algorithm doing its job and bringing you closer together to the people that it thinks that you will have the most things in common with which is true. And so perhaps the market is not really saturated. 

But what's really going on is that you are feeling like that because Social media keeps showing you this stuff that is similar to what you're also talking and posting about.

My Personal Experience on Facebook Algorithm

And to take it another step further, I want to remind you I run Facebook ads. And I do it for my business, and I've done it for other businesses as well. 

And what happens with Facebook ads is that we’re targeting similar pages and therefore obviously it can start to feel like the market is saturated. This is because on top of just the regular algorithm doing its job, you're getting Facebook ads for the thing  that you do.

For example, I get a lot of Facebook ads from Facebook ad managers. Also, I get a lot of Facebook ads from coaches. This is because that's the two things that I do.

And those were the things that I saw ads for a lot. And so I could sit here and be like, Oh my God, the market's saturated. It's just so saturated and I just can't get any clients because there's so many down this rabbit hole. 

That's how we make up a story that there's no more clients because obviously there's other people serving these clients and we go down this rabbit hole. And what I want to invite you to remember is that this is all just a byproduct of social media doing its job.

It is not anything wrong with you. And I think we are also attaching meaning that is unnecessary to attach to a certain thing. So we're also then implying that because there's other people like us, then we're not gonna be hired.

This Idea that the Market is Saturated if Often Fueled By Scarcity Mindset

And that, I think, is more of a thing having to do with scarcity mentality than it really has to do with an actual fact. Just because there are others like you does not mean that your potential client is still not gonna choose you. 

 And I want to refer you back to Episode 13 where we start to talk about how to stand out online. I have a three part episode. 

We talk about copywriting, about general branding and then about visual branding. We really went deep on those topics and how you can start to stand out online.

Because here's the thing when you start to just know that you're unique and that you're still awesome you can stand out online. Another episode is the worthiness episode. You can go back two episodes ago.

So what I want to remind you of is that you need to own your own uniqueness and you to have this abundance mentality.

This is a switch in the way you think of things by you just knowing that by getting out there and by being yourself and by truly just showing up, you will be able to attract the right people to you. 

And by really trusting that process, you can then start to let go of some of this thinking that either there's not enough clients to serve or that other people are going to take your clients away which is so not true, because they can still choose you.

In Conclusion

Contrary to what you think, the market which you’re in might not really be saturated. The reason for the seeming saturation is because of the circle which you belong to. It’s just the Facebook algorithm bringing you closer together to the people that it thinks that you have things in common with based on what you post and talk about.

So, the assumed market saturation is often as a result of scarcity mindset rather than a fact. And developing an abundance mindset stepping out of your circle are good ways of solving it.

Once you embrace your uniqueness and make the right mental shift you will realize that customers can still choose you even after they buy from your competitor even if the market becomes saturated.