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How To Overcome Fear When You Are Starting From Scratch Or Starting Over

Jul 07, 2022

How do you move past your fear and take action when you are either starting out, starting over, or expanding your coaching business online?


Let’s talk about the ways you can do to crush your fears:


1. Ground yourself to your vision.

As an Impact-Driven Entrepreneur, you are here to make a difference in the world of those that you serve. It is important to constantly remind yourself why you are here to do what you are meant to do as a coach. Grounding yourself to this vision will incrementally build up courage to say, “Yes, I am going to show up for my people who need and want what I have to offer”.


2. Break down what needs to be done to the smallest, most doable tasks.

You might be feeling overwhelmed with all the emotions that it feels like you can’t move forward and make progress with your business. It will be helpful to organize your tasks into small and doable ones to eliminate the overwhelm. Taking it one task at a time will eventually get you to complete your goal.


3. Realize that the things you’ve previously done before that scared you didn’t hurt you.

You are still alive and kicking today and still have the energy to go after your vision. Working on positive reinforcements like this will help you consistently overcome your fears. 


4. Continue to take action.

Every time that you feel fear, think about it as an opportunity to build your courage up. Work on facing your fears over and over and reward yourself with positive thoughts or even things that feel good for you to encourage yourself.


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