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How To Plan Your Content

Sep 09, 2022

Mindset When Planning Your Content


Be willing to create bad content.

During the pandemic, I decided that I wanted to learn how to draw. This simply required me to practice drawing and one helpful tip I got was from a mentor who told me to be willing to produce bad art. This allowed me to be able to toss my perfectionism to the side and put in the reps every single day. Through my constant practices, I was able to improve my skills which we can also apply to when we create content for our business.


Showing up to help is better than trying to be perfect.

The goal of planning and creating our content should not be to create the best content nor the content that makes you a thousand dollars. Instead, our goal should be to consistently show up and get yourself out in the online space through your content. 


There are no rules– You get to make your content be whatever you want.

While there could be best practices for your platform of choice, there are no rules for what consistency looks like in creating your content. A lot of times, coaches pressure themselves to be “consistent” with their content creation that gives them even harder time to create content. You can get into a rhythm that works for you– be it creating your content daily, weekly, or however it feels comfortable.


Long Form Content


While there are two types of content, in this episode, let’s talk about what long form content is. Long form content is any piece of content that’s going to have about 3-5 key points/takeaways for your audience. These content could come in many different forms such as blogs, Youtube videos, podcasts, etc. 


How To Create Your Content Framework


What do I help people with? 

Identify what the stepping stones are in helping your clients to move from their problems to the solution you are offering with your coaching program. 


Come up with 4-5 major topics or types of content you will cover as it relates to your ideal client and what you help them with.


Brainstorm 4-5 headlines from each of the major topics you have (something you can give 3-4 tips about).


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It’s time to show up consistently and with ease for the clients you are meant to serve.


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