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How To Price Your Coaching Program

Jul 21, 2022

Pricing is determined by the value that you provide to your ideal client. You don’t exactly determine the price of your service by what you want to charge them. Instead, pricing should come from how much your client is willing to pay for them. 


Here are some things to consider when pricing your coaching packages:


1. Consider the customer’s win-win package.

Your service must bring value into your client’s life at a level of 10x the investment in coaching with you. This will make your clients pay for your services right away without any hesitation because your service solves their most pressing problems.


2. Create an offer that makes sense for yourself and your business.

Often, I see a big disconnect between the business people want to build and the packages that they are offering. For example, if you are a lifestyle coaching business that promotes working fewer hours, you wouldn't create a package that would require your clients to put in 40 hours in a week, would you?


3. High-ticket can help clients get better results = better testimonials and more impact for your business.

Most coaches struggle to sell high-tickets or increase rates for their services just because they think the price is too much. Look at it from the perspective of the clients– When clients invest more, they will be more likely to follow through and take accountability with their investment which then allows them to get better results for themselves and in return provide better testimonials.


4. Sell your coaching program weekly.

Creating the package is one thing, the next step is making sure you are going out there and selling it so you can close clients weekly. The discipline of consistently promoting and selling your packages would provide consistent recurring revenue in your business.


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