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You Don't Have To Be On Every Platform To Make Money On Social Media | How To Promote Online Coaching

Mar 31, 2022

I’ve seen so many clients struggle in their business and complain about having to do so many things without making any money in their business.They don’t get the return for what they are putting in their business which really adds to the frustration that they feel.


One mistake coaches often make is that they largely focus on posting on every social media platform out there. This is only the front end of your business, and more so if you are a solopreneur, this creates so much work for you. There just aren’t enough hours in a day for one single person to do everything that would need to be done, including being on all these social media platforms, running the business, being the CEO and creating backend systems for your business.


There's a lot more than just the social media piece when you're trying to grow a business. And if you're not doing the other things, you're not really going to see the growth happening. Trying to manage too many social media accounts can actually stunt the growth of your business because each platform requires so much from us. When you compound all of these things together, it really shows us that the decision to be on just a single social media platform can be very powerful in actually penetrating the market instead of trying to be on too many and then spreading yourself too thin.


Here are some strategies to promote your coaching business as a solopreneur:


#1 Pick one platform- With only one platform you will be able to fully utilize it to grow your audience and connect with your ideal clients. 


#2 Clarify your messaging: Get super specific with who you help and what you help them with- This allows you to create targeted content that grows your audience.


#3 Create systems and processes to make the whole thing easy and doable for you- Have a set way in which your process goes- one place for generating ideas, flushing out topics, developing your content and your posting schedule. This process should include repurposing.


#4 Remember that posting is not equivalent to sales. Posting is marketing and is supposed to provide value and generate leads. That is only the beginning of the sales process. From there, you must move them into conversion events to close them. Don’t try to just close clients with social media posts. 

#5 Remember that marketing and sales is a long term game. Don’t expect your social media to generate clients in one day or one week. The general rule is that every time you make a change to your messaging, it takes about 90 days to see the full result of that messaging all the way through your sales process.


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