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How to Scale a Business Fast without Product Launches

Aug 19, 2021

In this video and blog, I am going to talk about how to scale up a business without launching.

Let's rewind back to 2016. I was sick and tired of launching. I was constantly doing challenges or webinars to sell my programs and I was exhausted by the entire process. I didn't know how to make consistent revenue and I had to do launches monthly to pay the bills. This was not only exhausting but it was also not very profitable. I would have to invest into ads and expensive contractors each launch which meant less profit margin to pay my household responsibilities. I had to find a way to scale a business fast without product launches.

I knew things had to change but I wasn't sure where to start. One day in talking with my coach I told her, I am going to fill this program but I am not going to launch. She was very good at holding belief for me and was just like okay, you don't need to launch to make money. That was the little confirmation I needed to move forward. Up until this point, every course that I had taken about online marketing told me that I had to launch or have a complicated funnel to make money online, so fully believing that making money online without launching was a hurdle for me.

When I even thought about the idea of 3-4 weeks of work, that drained me to the core, made me feel bad for another night that I just couldn't get dinner on the table or feel bad for "watching" another movie with the kids when I was just on my computer the whole time...All of this sacrifice to barely break even, I knew that I had to at least give this a shot, I had nothing to lose.

That was 5 years ago, and since then I have developed a system that allows me to make consistent revenue in my coaching business, serve people all over the world, sell without launches, grow my internal team (not contractors) so that I can launch without burning myself out, reduce my working hours to just 20 hours a week, and this year I was named #2 top coach in New York.

As time has gone on, I, too, have continued to scale my business and expand my lower ticket service offerings to entrepreneurs in the early stages of business which we didn't serve until this year. Just last week I finished the beta round of my program for people from $0-50K in sales per year that shows them how to make sales consistently without launching and I am blown away at the results of the participants. For many of them, for the first time since they began their businesses, they are seeing traction in their business and high-ticket sales coming in consistently.

What I am finding in my coaching practice is that the biggest thing holding clients back is that they are applying the wrong strategy at the wrong time based on where they are in their business. And having consulted with clients from zero to 7 figures, I have developed a framework to scale a business sustainably.

For example, if I am a brand new business owner and I have not yet sold my program, it does not make sense to spend months building out a launch funnel for a program to see if I can sell it. In fact, doing so can waste thousands of dollars. Even if you pre-sell using a launch you are missing out on valuable information that you need during the initial stages of selling your program which can ultimately lead to growing more quickly had you taken the stage that you are in into account.

Definition of Scaling

Before we get more into talking about how to scale, let's talk about what scaling is.

Scaling is simply setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company without hindrance. This means setting up the right systems, programs, team, processes, funnels, marketing strategy, and partnerships.

Scaling is about being intentional and strategic with multiple aspects of your business so that rapid growth can happen without stopgaps.

The Scale-Up Strategy Template

What most people don't realize is that if they just drive traffic or make sales, that alone does not create a sustainable business. Driving traffic and making more sales do not even create recurring revenue. Oftentimes when I talk to entrepreneurs who have tried to scale, they have tried to do so by either changing their offer to a membership for recurring revenue or they have tried driving more traffic or increasing sales.

The reality is that the entire system as a whole needs to be considered when you are working on scaling your business. Because what happens when you drive 1,000 new visitors to your landing page and the funnel doesn't convert to clients? Or what happens when you grow your list or social media followers by 1,000 people but still have no sales to speak of? Or what happens when you launch your $40/month membership and you get 5 sales, 2 of which quit after 2 months? That is not sustainable.

Which is why looking at the strategy as a whole is important. We have created a scale-up strategy template that you can download and use for FREE to scale up your business.

In our program, The Profitable Impact Formula, we focus our teachings around building a house. That is the most sustainable way to build a coaching company online because it allows you to be strategic about making sure all the pieces are in place for unhindered growth.

What your house looks like now vs. in a few years will be completely different and unique to you. So although we say it's a "template", it is in no way a cookie cutter system. We want you to personalize it to you based on your business and your strengths.

Scaling a Business for Growth

Scaling a business for growth is about making sure you have the right people, systems, processes, programs, funnels, marketing strategy, and partnerships. There are many moving parts to scaling for growth but the important part is that you have them working together like a well-oiled machine.

What we often see with entrepreneurs who have feast and famine cycles is that they will have one or two of these things working really well- maybe what they are selling works for them and their sales driver is effective too- but the way in which it's set up is not sustainable. Maybe they are needed for a lot of the service and can't keep up with the demand or sometimes it's that they can't sustain doing both sales and service at the same time so they toggle back and forth causing their income to dip back down and not really grow in an upward trajectory.

Whatever the cause is, it's important to be intentional and strategic about the moving pieces of your business so that you can run your business like a well-oiled machine.

In summary, scaling your business is about making sure that you prepare for rapid growth by having the right things in place. This is exactly what we love to help our clients with.

And no matter where you are reading this from remember that:

You are capable.

You are strong.

You are here to make a difference.

Go on your way today to do that <3

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