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How to Scale Your Coaching Business with the Profitable Impact Formula

Sep 23, 2020

Warning! If you're not ready to scale your coaching business to multiple 6-figures while working 3 days a week...Stop reading now. For those still reading, We hear you. This quarantine thing has gone on for far too long. And I don't mean that from a health perspective. I think it's what had to be done, we're in the middle of a fucking global pandemic. That is the situation that we're in. But I know many of you are tired. You're unsure if you can build your business in this time and you're losing motivation. You're exhausted from taking care of the kids and everything around the home. 


You may be wondering, can I really add this to my plate? 


And if that's you, I want to share with you how to scale your coaching business with the Profitable Impact Formula so that you can go into 2021 with your most successful launch ever, start scaling sustainably and have more time for life and kids.


Yes, it’s all possible.

 That being said, the doors to the impact formula are open. 

 This is a high level mastermind group where we are going to help you add six figures in your business. 

 If you're at $200,000, you're going to go to $300,000. If you're at $300,000, you can go to $400,000. 

 That is what we are here to do. No matter what level you are in, we are here to help you.


How to Leverage a Mastermind in Your Coaching Business


We have always called this a group program. Previously it's been a program where I have been more of a teacher. But honestly the caliber of women that we have right now is hot.

 And at this point, members are now at a level where many are experts and very good at what they do. 

 I myself have 13 years of online business experience and five years experience building my business online.

 So I’m shifting my position as facilitator. I'm still going to coach you. But this time The Profitable Impact Formula will be a mastermind format where you're getting the support you need and everybody's an expert at their own game.

 We have people who are experts at email marketing, productivity, bookkeeping etc.

 And all of these different types of experts come together and teach each other their knowledge on specific areas.

 The caliber of people we have is high and we want to keep it that way. 

 And because of that, once we get to 25 people in one group we will branch off and have two groups going. 

 We want to keep the groups small, super in-touch and high level. 

 If this isn’t enough, here's how the Profitable Impact Formula will help you scale. Guaranteed!


How to Scale Your Coaching Business with the Profitable Impact Formula


Specific Training, Frameworks and Methodology to help you add Six Figures while working 3 Days a Week.


We are totally streamlining the process. 

 In the Profitable Impact Formula you’ll have access to every training and every Standard Operating Process (SOP) you’ll need to go from zero to a multiple six figure business. 

 Trainings like Mindset Mastery that will help you overcome your beliefs that people aren't buying right now or that you aren't good at sales. And Message Clarity will teach you how to double your rates without any price resistance. 

 We help feed your brain with positivity and things that are going to move you forward. 

 We've had people in our community make their first $20,000 sale during COVID. How would you feel if you could charge $20,000 for your services?

 That is what is possible when you are open to changing your business and to getting the support from a community of like minded people in our program.

 We're always doing workshops in our training sessions and you as a member of the impact formula will be able to get access to that absolutely free as part of being in the program. 


Full Support

 Now some of you are like, I've done all the coaching programs. I've done one on one and I've done group programs and I've done all the courses. I have a library full of courses, how will this be different?

 Hear me out, I am fully there for you in these programs. 

 I want you to rest assured that this is a group in which you will have the actual support that you need pretty much as you are posting. 

 If I’m not available to comment on your questions, somebody else will be there. 

 If you want that support from people who actually get it, who are talking real business and are able to support you in that way, then this is for you.

 Personalized Attention

 I get to know each business personally. We meet every quarter to look at the entirety of your business plan for that quarter. And we'll set out what your business plan will be for that quarter. 

 You’ll also meet with an accountability coach every single month to make sure you're staying on track. 

 Every time you come on a group coaching call, you have the opportunity to ask questions and you'll be able to get all your questions answered on your calls. You can also submit calls if you have some.

 We also run workshops and special classes every single month. So I'm always updating on social media strategies that we're doing and the latest on what's working on different platforms. 

 The Four Item Daily To-Do List

 We get it. Life is busy with kids around. 

 When I started my online business I was working from the NICU pump room where my daughter was being treated and in all kinds of situations that have been less than convenient to work from. 

 But I still managed to grow my business. I did it with a four item daily to-do list which I am going to share with you in this program. 

 This is a clear, concise action plan so that you just have to focus on those four things every day and make progress forward.

 Habit Acquisition

 We're going to work very closely on habit acquisition and the neurological blocks that come up when we begin to grow our businesses. 

 I am obsessed with how we can help you make things super easy and effortlessly so that they just seamlessly come into your life. 


Group Program Headlines and Sales page reviews 

 We will do your group program headline and sales page reviews.

 Before this program, I have only done sales page reviews for my one on one clients that paid $25,000. But not anymore. 

 I will now review your entire sales page, word for word and also look at the design, the psychology, and everything else.

 Cash Infusion Campaign

 We're walking you through exactly how to make cash on demand. 

 This is so important for you to learn because since COVID there’s this mindset going around that people aren't investing in coaching.

 Which is absolutely not true. People are still buying specialty products and services online. The online industry is booming. People are online, more people are looking for online and virtual solutions that weren't even in the realm of consideration before.

 And so you want to really go up with the wave of what's happening now and really capitalize on that. 

 Positioning and Sales

 We’re teaching you the 7 Pillars of positioning your brand in such a way so that you can charge premium rates as well as the skills to sell that high end program. 

 Knowing how to sell high end, how to pitch stuff, how to conduct a sales call, how to get people on the phone. All of it. 

 Results Guaranteed 

 We believe so firmly in our promise, in what we're doing and what we're teaching you, that as long as you're showing up and doing the work, we guarantee your results.

 And I don't know any other coaching company that does that. 

 So If you join our program and you do everything we asked you to do and you're not seeing a change in your business. By all means we will refund you the entire amount.

 The next time we launch this, it will be more expensive. So that's one reason to buy right now.

 We're excited to welcome you in and get you in the program. Now is the time if you want to make 2021 a better year. 

 Give yourself this time now to get your feet wet with a group program beta launch, so that you can do your big launch in January. 

 I just worked with somebody who wanted to launch now. And then come January, they're gonna do their big launch for their group program.

 Why not do that and give yourself that light up and be charging the full price for your group program come January?


So if you're all about adding six figures with a group program, working fewer hours and having a team so that you can just work three days a week, then we are open for enrollment right now in the profitable impact formula. Register here!


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