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How to Sell High Ticket Coaching Packages

Sep 09, 2020

If you are a coach who strives to provide a deep, transformative impact to your clients but still feel exhausted because you’re trading every minute of your day for money, then you have landed on the right page.  The coaching industry is one of the most profitable in the world, yet when we do the numbers, many coaches are not actually making the money that they want, or even losing money because they are trying to match their prices with the average prices of the industry.  One of the things that is really important for a coaching company that's trying to scale and grow, is to make sure your prices are appropriate for your market. This is why I’m so excited to share my tips on how to sell high-ticket coaching.

By being that high-ticket leader in your niche, you can:

  • Attract high-quality clients into your coaching business
  • Enjoy working with less people
  • Have more time to focus on your clients
  • Provide better results!

Finding Your High-Ticket Coaching Niche

If you’re trying to find a niche that you can charge a lot of money in, you’re going at it from the wrong angle. 

There’s no perfect niche.

What might be high-end selling to a teacher with a teacher salary is very different from what you might be able to sell to a $2 million business. It’s two totally different price ranges, solutions and problems. 

The trick is to choose the niche that works for you. The one you have knowledge and experience in so that you can build a rapport with the market, feel comfortable selling to, and be the high end leader in that industry and price appropriately.

But pricing based on what anybody else's is charging makes absolutely zero sense.

It's like comparing the cost of a BMW to the average cost of all the other cars on the lot and not taking the difference in ideal client, specs, engines etc. into account. All those things are different and not a match for certain people. 

So what you should do instead is price based on high-end for your market and the solution you provide and then leverage your offer. 

With a leverage offer like high-end group coaching, you can serve more clients in less time, provide customization, trade less dollars for hours and easily reduce your working hours.

The Beauty of Online Marketing for Coaches

The next key to selling high-ticket coaching is making sure you're hitting this online marketing thing.

Online marketing is going to allow you to super niche, be the high end high ticket in your price point and still reach the 7 billion people on this earth. 

Online marketing is not optional. It is a big piece of the puzzle.

The beautiful thing about selling high-end offers is that you don't need that many people. 

When you combine the power of online marketing and you're reaching all of these people, and you only need like 10, 20, or 30 clients, you can easily reach the 10, 20, 30K mark a month. 

Now you're hitting that sweet spot where you have the business that you want, the lifestyle that you want, and you're able to do it all from the comfort of your own home. 

If your pricing is appropriate, but you're not using online marketing strategically, then you're not going to get the full bandwidth of people that you could be reaching. 

The Art of High-Ticket Selling

The art of selling high-ticket offers comes down to positioning and how you're marketing yourself beforehand to be able to close the sale on the call. 

Apart from webinars, most of the coaching industry sell their high ticket programs over the phone and when they aren't able to close on calls they immediately think the problem lies with their sales ability.

But generally speaking, what I see most often is that the value of their offer has not been communicated ahead of time with the proper brand positioning in their marketing. And therefore it's a struggle to sell on the call or get clients on the call in the first place.

Think of positioning as the legwork that leads up to the sales call. With a beautifully coordinated brand positioning strategy, you can set your client up for the sale before they get on a call with you which makes the sale easier.

Click here to listen to a podcast episode where I share my tips for a brand messaging framework that will allow you to raise your rates.

Takeaway for How to Sell High-Ticket Coaching 

Firstly, you have to realize that the perfect niche is the one that you WANT to sell too, that you're going to be excited about every single day to wake up and go talk to, that you can build rapport with, and feel comfortable and confidence serving.

And then from there, use online marketing so that you're reaching the 7 billion people on the planet and build a high ticket offer so that you don't need a ton of clients to meet your income goals. 

And then lastly, having the proper brand positioning is going to allow you to attract your ideal client and make it much easier to close on sales calls. 

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