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How To Sell Programs Online That Make A Positive Impact In The World

May 05, 2022

With so many other online coaches and coaching programs that leave people not getting results...


Have you been wondering how you can do this differently? 


Or maybe, how can you create a program that truly transforms lives and allows you to help more people?


Here are some things you can do to lay that foundation of programs that actually help people and how you can approach the entire beginning part of your business so you can make a bigger impact:



1. Know who you are selling to and get specific.

 The current market has been more saturated than it has ever been and so it’s important to create a program that is very specific to people you are going to help and is addressing the exact problem that they are going through. 



2. Sell at least 3 spots of the program to validate.

 Get your first 3 clients using the same messaging and sales process. I have seen coaches make the mistake of always changing up their wordings and sales mechanisms and this not only takes up so much work for you but also will not help you identify what is working and what isn’t. This stage of business we call Validation is where you take the discipline to sell one program to one audience solving one problem. 



3. Develop the program.

 In this stage, you can create and improve your program as you go with the first cohort. It’s important that you are maximizing your time and energy, as well as having the flexibility within the program to actually serve the people within the program with actually solving exactly what they need instead of doing the things that you thought they might need but really don’t. 



4. Repeat the same process of selling until you scale.

 Also called the Expansion stage, this is where you sell your program using the same messaging and program again and again until you get to $100K in sales.

Using this strategy, you are able to scale faster and cut through the noise in the online space and become an expert at what you are doing and helping more people all over the world.


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