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How to Start Defining Your Ideal Client And 3 Ways to Attract Them and Only Them

Aug 15, 2018

Not everyone is going to be right for your program.

And that's okay. We don’t need to get everyone to join our program. We only want our ideal clients, the ones who are going to work well with us.

How do I make sure that the people who join my group are all aligned? 

How do I make sure they aren’t people who are going to drain me?

What is my intention for the group?

Today I’ll share some strategies to make sure that the people who come into your group are the clients you want to work with. You want to make sure they are aligned with what you want and as well as if they’re someone who the  people in the group would benefit from.

But before all that let us go onto defining your ideal client.

Define What Is An Ideal Client For You

  • What is that you want? 
  • What is it that you actually want this group to be like?
  • Who is the person that would be perfect for the group?

You need to be aligned yourself, you have to identify what it is that you want first. Not just for the group as a whole but for each individual as well.

I ran a mastermind with one of my friends a few years ago. We had an idea of the types of people we wanted to join and how they would fit together in that mastermind to create a really powerful group. We didn't want everyone to be from the same industry and we wanted people of a certain level of expertise and knowledge.

What is that you want in your group?

Once you get crystal clear on that everything else can flow into place.

Who are the people who would really lift this group up for each other and be on the same page? You don't want anyone that has never heard about the topic that you're teaching and someone who has 10 years of experience in that field. It's not going to fit for both of them and they’re going to have a bad experience.

Attune to who the person is you want in your program.

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How To Attract The Right Customer

Energetically put your feelers out there as you show up for your live show. Get into that mental space. No only the energetic side, like the law of attraction and the “let's make it happen” side of things but also the words you use when you're writing your copy.

Use the copy you’re writing to speak to your ideal client leading up to and during the launch. Make sure the words you use are in alignment with the clients you want to attract.

This is a wonderful example of merging the logical strategic side and beautiful soulful side of things because this merging is everything. 

If you look at it scientifically, say don't do step one and you don't know who you're going to bring in then the copy or the messaging are not going to be aligned with that person. You have to get into the mental space, not only for yourself but for your clients and where they are on the journey. It doesn't matter if you go at it from the logical or super energetic side, it's the same principle.

Be consistent about doing that. Whenever you write a post you're gonna get into that space. When you go live you're going to go into that space. Then it all starts to flow.

That person will be attracted to your message, not only because of the words you use. But they felt that you got them.

If you really want a specific person in your program then create an application process.

Instead of allowing people to purchase right away on a sales page like normal, create an application process. This is useful if you want to create a more elite group program or a program that is for a very specific type of person.

I have created application processes before. The mastermind with my friend for example.

What we did was we created a sales page that would go to an application page. We had a lot of applications and not everyone that applied followed through. What I learned is that if you're going to run an application process you're going to want to take an upfront deposit right away so you don't have people bail out on you at the end.

This was a huge lesson for us.

Your sales page goes to the application page and they need to apply. Review the application and if they are accepted then the deposit goes towards the payment or you can refund them if they aren’t a good fit.

That's how I would do it if applications were something I did going forward.

If your audience is small I would not use an application process, because it's a filter. Naturally a filter creates less flow through it.

Application process is excellent if you have a larger audience because you get less people in, but the right people come in.

If you have a small audience and you put in the application process you're just not going to get too many people sign up. Say you normally do a launch and you normally get 5 people in your launch. If you put in an application process you're going to get less people in your program.

The application process is definitely an advanced strategy.

Either way all your marketing you should be asking yourself, Is this going to call in the person that I actually want to work with in my next program?

Know that the application process is not the only way to filter out your clients.

One of my teachers told me that sales happen way before they get to the sales page or are in a conversation with you on a call. The sale occurs through your marketing.

When you start to focus on what the message that they are experiencing leading up to the sales page is what we call congruence.

You want congruence in your funnel. The funnel is how your clients move through the sales process. The message congruence is what's going to make it easy for them to purchase. It makes sure the right people come in vs the wrong person.

If you do it correctly the right people are the ones who are going to sign up.

Ask yourself How can my marketing support me getting the correct people in the launch? Way before the launch happens. The answer is by showing them what it is the program can do for them.

If you're doing a really good job on your copy and that energy side of things then the application is almost unnecessary. This is because your marketing will filter out the wrong people.

If you're not cautiously aware of this then you're missing out on the opportunity to get the right people in your program. The people who are attracted to you through your marketing are only attracted to you because of your copy. The way that you're speaking and what you're talking about.

The other piece is more of the law of attraction side.

By being present to the energy you want to bring in that is also going to attract the person.

It's not only about the words.

I've seen this at work before. I have a client where she does all the “right” things.  The thing that is missing is the energetic piece, the mind set piece and being present. That is so crucial for the true attraction to happen.

If I'm sitting here in worry mode for 10 hours a day and want to attract someone who is chill, that's not going to happen.

You can use the perfect words on your sales page but because you married it with the opposite energy of what you want then it comes across the wrong way.

Be cautious about these elements as you try to attract your ideal clients.

Attracting the right customer is only part of the puzzle. 

There is so much that goes into the actual launch of your program. With my years of experience launching I have created the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist. Use this FREE checklist to make sure your launch is successful, after you’re done attracting the right people.

You Don’t Need Countless Offers That Attract Customers

If you have 50 programs and you’re launching one a week then that's a lot of different marketing and copy you need to do. 

You're either going to be speaking to the same audience and solving different problems or you’re going to have to streamline my products and sell less products to more people.

Right now I only have the Impact Formula as my signature program. I do some 1 on 1 coaching but it’s very exclusive.

I used to have so many programs. Every other month I was coming up with a new program and selling it. I deleted a lot and simplifying and streamlining

The less you do, the more you cut back on things and the more you can pour into yourself and showing up for your business in a different way.

Removing those smaller programs has been painful but also very liberating for me. 

When you have more energy you're able to truly align to that place where you can call in the right people. You're able to give more energy and attention to the strategies of copy writing and speaking to them.

This is all ground work that needs to be in place for the actual launch of your group program. The copy in your marketing, the congruence in your funnel, mindset you have, it all needs to be there before your launch. Having these in place is going to make your launch that much more successful.

As for the launch itself, there are some things you need to make note of. It’s not a walk in the park, even with the groundwork above laid down ahead of time. That’s why I created a checklist that you can follow through the entire process. I call it the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist and it's completely free.