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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others And Launch Your Group Program

Feb 13, 2019

You're a coach. You're running a personal brand. You are trying to get this work out into the world. There's a part of you that's like, “Yes, this is so great. I'm gonna make such an impact. It's gonna be amazing.” And then there's another part of you that's silently like what if it doesn't help people? But this person over there is doing it right and you get re-targeted on all the ads, you know what I mean? Now, I want to show you how to stop comparing yourself to others and launch your group program. Are you in? Then read on.

Even when you're like, yeah, but so and so has a program on it. And their program is bigger. And they have, like, 1000 members. I don't think I'll ever be able to do that or whatever your brain is telling you. It’s still not enough reason for you to give in. And so just because someone's program is bigger than yours does not mean it's better.

It just means there's more people who bought. What does that really mean? It means their marketing was better. It doesn't actually mean the program itself is better.

How To Make Your Group Program Standout

There are people that literally need you to show up and bring your own uniqueness to the table. They want you to say it in the way you say it and to have the context of the material you teach in the way you teach it for it to soak in. That is how to make your group program standout.

That's why I say the f words. And I say shit and say ass. This is why I say things the way I do. I think I say things very directly. I also swear, like I am the way that I am. Take it or leave it right.

But when I was hiding that in my marketing, I suffered because I wasn't authentic. I felt like a robot. But then also, once people got to work with me, they're like, where did this person come from? We were not expecting the F bombs. What's going on?

You don't want to do that. You want to be transparent so that you can be yourself in your marketing. What I'm basically saying is that your ideal clients need you. You need you to be yourself. They need you to show up.

They need you to sell. And that is the moment that they'll be able to finally realize. Like for the perfect person. There are people that once you say it, It will melt for them, no matter what the situation.

Now, there will be people that are like OK, well, they're not into this as much or whatever. That's okay because we're doing this for that divine match. And as Impact Driven Entrepreneurs we really lean into that.

Our aim is not to please people. Our aim is not to be liked by everyone. Our aim is also not to suckle off our energy into comparing ourselves to all the other people. Our aim is to help people. And you do that by showing up. 

You do that by working on your brain. Ask yourself, what are the thoughts that are keeping me from doing this thing? Why am I not showing up and really examining, exploring and working through that? And really, smart positioning and strategies are going to go into that.

You could basically keep going down this path where you're comparing yourself. You're saying, Oh, well, this person  does it better, or that person does it better. And you can have hundreds of people you compare yourself to and then you keep telling yourself it's not good enough. Your program's not good enough. You don't have enough experience.

You can't charge as much as them blah, blah, blah. And what I'm asking you to do is take your power back. You can choose to look at it this way. 

What can I offer that no one else can offer? What is my unique, unfair advantage? What can my group program do that no other group program on the planet has ever done? 

We did a workshop on this in the Impact Formula a while ago about this, and I had so many people text me and was like thank you for this. Like I had been spinning in comparison and I didn't realize it right. And I found an angle that I can go with that I can be unique and that I can be me. That is what I want for you. 

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So in this article I'm bringing you parts of this training we had in our Impact Formula in a concise and condensed way. There's some other things that I needed to also fill you in on that's already in the program. So we're going to go over three things. 

I have already alluded to the first here and it is that you got to know yourself and you got to tell the truth to yourself about yourself. So for the longest time, with the swearing, I was like, well, I am pretty professional. And then it was like me not telling the truth to myself about myself.

I worked with a branding expert who said, well, you don't want to swear too much cause you're the sage. They had worked with certain archetypes. And then I had another branding expert coach tell me, well, you gotta dress up on your Facebook lives.

It was like sure, but like all of it doesn't feel like me. I do dress up from time to time, but like on a normal day, I'm wearing yoga pants. I'm a mom. I'm cleaning poop in yoga pants and a Buffalo Bill shirt. That's my normal day. 

And so, you know,  yeah, I love to read. I am sage.  I'm totally like the biggest nerd on earth. For me to be authentically me, I'm also all the other things.

The reason that I'm sharing this is because I think so many times, you’re either watching that person that you're comparing yourself to and you're keeping score. And you're like but if they did it like this, I should do it like that.

I worked with the client who would compare herself, and she literally comes on the phone and says, my sales page was identical to these two people. I had this and I had the testimonial that said that but they had an X y Z thousands of dollar launch and mine was only this.

There's so many factors that go into that. There's so many. There are so many factors that go into that that you don't know. They could have spent $300,000 on Facebook ads. You don't know.

You don't know the full picture of what went into that result. And also, when you are trying to be the carbon copy you'll never be as good as the real thing. So just stay in your lane and be you 110 percent with all of it.

So I have some questions. Go ahead and get your journal out and start writing. Take the questions journal out and work through some of this yourself. So the first is what experience do you bring that makes you unique. So what I've discovered with most of my clients like you is that they have these amazing backgrounds. Some of you have studied abroad or some of you have worked in these amazing careers. 

And you've done a lot of really, really cool things. But then when you get to the online business, you kind of have amnesia of everything that happened before you open the laptop on day one. I think that is a mistake. 

What other people are using is their story. And then you're trying to ignore your own story. What I'm asking you to do is to own all of your experience. This happened to me when I was a health coach online. So that's why I could be a business coach.

And then I started thinking about it. And I remembered that I was interviewed on a podcast. And oh my gosh! It was insane. When I was interviewed on this podcast my daughter was maybe six months old. And she was in a baby carrier breastfeeding while I was being interviewed.

If you ever were in my stuff back then, you would know that I did webinars where I was breastfeeding on the webinar. This was my life in 2015, 2016. During that time I was on this podcast and the guy was like, did you have any little  entrepreneurial ventures when you were like a kid?

It was a huge light bulb moment for me. And I was like, Oh, my God, like, since I was seven. Like I did the collecting cans. You may have heard that story. We did like all kinds of stuff like  selling jewelry. And that's when I started to realize the level of the amnesia.

So that was a light bulb moment for me, and that's when I realized that I was not just the only one doing this. My clients are doing it, too. And so I started really digging in and helping them to see it.  You can bring 20 times more than what you're even scratching the surface on. 

I want you to dig into your corporate career and like what you did. If you’re a health coach, what was the trajectory of that. Did you work out when you're a kid? Did you not work out when you were a kid?

And then you would have a light bulb moment and you would discover what it is for you that makes you unique.That is your story. And integrating it into your program is how to make your group program standout.

Secondly, what is it that you can do because of some of these life experiences and the situations you were in? I talk about ethically profitable as one of the things that I love to lean into when we build the impactful businesses, that’s what I call it. But when I talk about ethically profitable I think I'm uniquely qualified to talk about this because of my role in the hospital.

My job was to make the hospital as much money as possible while practicing the highest level of evidence based practice. That was literally one of my jobs. So that is literally, ethically profitable. And it is what we talk about in the business coaching that I help my clients with because it's just part of who I am, my background and how I look at business.

Thirdly, if you were making a case for all of the experience you had,I want you to pretend. Just brag to your journal. Just brag the most you possibly can. And then I want you to sit with that. 

What have you truly accomplished? What have you truly experienced that makes what you bring to the table amazing? We're spending so much time looking at the others, looking at the Facebook feed in the re-targeting crap we see.

And then we're not spending enough time on this. And so take the time and write it all out. If you need to come back to this article, do. If you think of somebody that can use this article, send it to them. 

Fourthly, I talked about how bigger isn't always better. Bigger email list, a bigger course, more members. It seems so glamorous. And your brain will rationalize all the reasons that that bigger program is better than yours.

But in reality, there is a lot that you could do while you're still small that those people can't even touch.They might be having a $300,000 Facebook ads budget. But what can you do that even if they attempted to, they couldn't keep up? I literally talked to every one of my clients every week. That's a beautiful gift.

That is a gift that not every program can have. Also, I work with my clients for a whole year. And I remember all the shit. So when they are in doubt whether they can get results I remind them. But you actually do have enough experience because you did this, this and this like 2 quarters ago where you did actually get that result, remember? You tried this angle, remember? That is an unfair advantage that a program with three hundred or five hundred members is not even gonna be able to touch.

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So what makes it great that you are the size you are? What makes it great? I want you to write down three things that being small allows you to do that the person or the people that you're comparing yourself to can't even touch. And I want you to think about it too from the perspective of the client. 

Number two here is what can you do for your customers that those others can't?  Like what I mentioned, I can remember things about my client's business because I've worked with them for a long period of time.

And I'm talking to them pretty much once a week. So in the first point we talked about getting to know yourself. We talked about truly acknowledging all that you bring to the table. Next we talked about the perks of being small or whatever size you are. But I'm putting it small here because I think we judge ourselves. Oh, my email is small. 

Some people are, and this is like the whole thing, like your brain will say it's small. But compared to what? Compared to who? I always tell my children when they'll say about someone she's bigger or taller. I think it's older. I can't remember exactly what they say.

But I remember one day they were like Daddy's the biggest, and I was like,well, he's the biggest human in our family but he's still smaller than the house. So I like to play with that and that re-frame for myself and also for my children and for my clients. This is because you're judging yourself for the size you are but compared to who? I have clients who say they aren't big enough because they didn't make $100,000. 

Some are saying I'm not big enough because I have X number of people on my email list. And others are saying, well, oh, my God, I would kill to have that much money. I'd kill for that. But we don't sit there and really evaluate that. That's all a judgment in a mental construct that we made up so really acknowledging that piece is really helpful.

How to be strategic beyond marketing and sales

Marketing your group program is not a one size fits all solution. I want to show you how to be strategic beyond marketing and sales. Like I said, how a program gets bigger is more marketing. It's not necessarily because of the better content in the program.

So two things here, one most likely you are an expert like we have already mentioned. 

So most likely that also means you feel a little tiny bit of self doubt and imposter syndrome around your program, your offerings, what you teach etc. And then what happens is we go in there and we're trying to make that thing better and better, not realizing that what helps a program to grow is better marketing.

It's not the content inside. I'm not saying don't improve your program. I'm not saying don't teach high quality content. What I am saying is that your ability to market is one of the most important things that will catapult the results of your business.

Marketing and sales are the things that will help you to make more money. It's what will help you to reach more people, to help more people, etc. So you want to be very strategic here. This is where we're going away from the conversation about mindset, although it's very important. And we have to have a conversation about marketing strategy. 

So this is where I want to teach you the five levels of market sophistication that is taught by the legendary Eugene Schwartz in his book. And I want to talk about this from the perspective of your group program and the way in which you market and sell this. This is because it is one of the elements that we look at when we're looking at how to position your group program.

You want to make your group program unique. We've talked about how you can actually integrate those things. What is your unfair advantage? What are the things that other people could never even offer that would make your program unique?

Now we have to talk about how we can say that, how we can talk about that, how he can share about that in a way that is strategic and matches your audience where they are.So what I want to share with you is the five levels of sophistication. 

Number one is you are the first to market. So you're the pioneer. Nobody has come and said this promise before. When I was marketing the daycare in the area where my children go to and it's the only bilingual daycare in this entire area. So, it’s the easiest thing. We're the only bilingual day here in this area.

So it's easy to market because you're the only one. You're the pioneer. And so just because of the way in which there's like not that noise in the marketplace, you can have a lot of success pretty quickly by marketing to that unique position.

Next, competition will start to come in. So if they were like the only daycare ever that would be even easier to market. But then what happens is more daycares will come in. I'm not gonna keep using daycares because most people here do not have brick and mortar businesses.

But the same thing happens for any other business. I have a client who is a dyslexia coach and in her market like they've never really heard of coaching.They don't know what coaching is, but they are used to a lot of tutors. And so she has to spend a lot of time explaining what coaching is, explaining the benefits of coaching and that kind of thing.There's very specific ways in which you have to market to meet and match where your ideal audience is when it comes to what you do. But also the strategy has to match what's happening in the market. 

Number two is competition starts coming. So level two, there's more competition coming in, and what happens is people start to sell the features and benefits. This is like basic copywriting. Like you sell to the features to the benefits and not as much to the features.

But in the beginning, you could be selling one of the features and still be doing pretty well. And then more competition comes in and the market now becomes saturated and so you can no longer just shout louder. I'm seeing this happening a lot with these tiny offers. So people are like 300-day done for you social media templates. 

The next day I saw another advert. It was like 700 days of content planned for you. And I'm like, okay at that point now  we're now at level three. It's becoming ridiculous claims. And so what is going to happen next is people are either going to start going into a pricing war which is not a good thing.

That happened to my aunt's business in Florida. And what eventually happened was that she ended up having to close the business because everybody was in a pricing war with each other.

Instead of becoming better marketers, all they did was slash prices. And that ended up putting them all out of business because they weren't able to sustain it with slashing prices.

You want to build the skill of becoming a better marketer. It will allow you to not only charge higher rates and premium rates, but also it protects your market. It is good for the market. We've talked about how not under charging is good for your clients. It's also really good for the market. 

So next you can no longer keep selling to the ridiculous claims. And so you have to go into explaining why yours is better. You have to go into explaining how yours does it better than what anyone offers. 

Then the next one you go into phase four  in which you have to explain your unique methodology or framework. So this is a little different than just explaining why. You would need to really speak to the unique methodology and framework. And so for me, when I started selling Impact Formula three years ago, this was the level of market sophistication that I gauged and I started selling the Impact Formula. 

Back then, the program was like the most simple, like way simple framework that just included three parts to the customer journey. And then I had all the other things that we do in there. The productivity, the mindset, etc all those were still in there. But it was all included as bonuses.

The main program was the customer journey, and now it's this elegant framework with a house. And I explain how it's the customer journey but also effectiveness and leverage. And each piece is really delicately and intentionally placed there for you to work on and master within your business based on where you are and what's going on with your specific business.

So that is how I sold it and it did very, very well. I believe, because I sold the methodology in the framework. And we were in phase four market sophistication. Now most of the markets on the online base, like especially in the business to business side are at phase five. That means that the market is no longer buying based on hype.

They can sieve through that. They're skeptical, too. All of the false claims. Or all of the claims whether they're false or not. So what happens? What happens at this stage is that you have to elevate your marketing. You have to become a better marketer. It becomes no longer an option to just say, Hey, I can help you. 

It's no longer Hey, we're open for business. It has to be an intentionally done marketing plan. And that is really that strategy piece that has to be there. And, of course, with a rock solid mindset of like I'm here to help people. I'm gonna do good work. This is totally gonna be an amazing offer for these people.

It's the perfect person at the perfect time. And you are no longer wasting your energy on comparing yourself to others. But instead, you're using that energy to become a batter and more proficient marketer.  That is my invitation to you. That is how to be strategic beyond marketing and sales. This is how to be strategic beyond marketing and sales.

My invitation to you is to no longer spend your energy on comparing and instead use that and re-channel it into becoming a better marketer, becoming a better CEO of your company and running a company. Would a company sit there and compare. Would a company sit there and think that their product isn't good enough? Or would they actually do something about it to change the way they're talking about it. And so that is my invitation to you. It’s to have the strategy and the mindset to catapult your business in 2020.

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Summary for How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others And Launch Your Group Program

In the beginning, we talked about owning and acknowledging yourself for literally all of your expertise. All of it. Don't be shy. Your journal will thank you, so will you. You will thank yourself for doing that work. 

Next, we talked about the benefits that are inherently in your uniqueness. You are on your journey. There are benefits to that. So where are you on your journey and what is it that nobody else can touch even if they tried. 

Next, we talked about the five levels of market sophistication. This is the strategy piece. This is one of the strategy pieces that go into actually becoming a better marketer. It's actually seeing what the market is doing and responding appropriately, not just saying, oh, I'm supposed to talk about this so I'm going to.

 No, we have to respond to the market strategically, especially if you're trying to scale up, especially if you're trying to go big.