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How To Stop Holding Yourself Back, Start Overcoming Procrastination, Indecisiveness and Perfectionism Today

Nov 11, 2020

Procrastination, indecisiveness and perfectionism are three things that can stop you cold in your tracks as a business owner.

While all different in their own way, they all stop you from getting the important work done in your business. They act like gatekeepers to a higher level of success. In order to reach that level we need to get past these three.

Today I want to share some tips for overcoming procrastination, indecisiveness and perfectionism.


Indecision and How to Stop Being Indecisive

Do I start with one on one program, group program, or maybe a course?

Have you ever been spinning in indecision? Your energy is dispersed between all of this indecision and you’re not making an actual decision.

Not making a decision is a decision.

When you don't make a decision you think it's safe, but in actuality you're wasting time by not making a decision. When you don't make a decision you don't get to reap the benefits of having made that decision.

The brain stem is part of your brain and the most primitive part of your brain thinks it's safe. You're staying in the cave, you don't have to put yourself out there, you don't have to go on social media. You don’t have to sell, be uncomfortable, face rejection.

You're trying to make that decision and spinning out thinking of all the possibilities. The pressure cooker turns on when you think you need to make the right decision and if you don't make the right decision you're going to have negative consequences. 

You’re already experiencing all the negative consequences of not making a decision, because you're not able to move forward.

Let's go back to your offer. You haven't made a decision of who you're selling to or what you're selling. That decision you made by not deciding is resulting in you not having any sales coming in. No money coming into the business.

You're already experiencing the consequences of not making the decision.

You’re making the decision to continue to prolong your success.

What is happening is that your already experiencing the negative consequences of not making that decision.

This is arguably worse because you can't do the one think that actually matters when you make the decision. The one and only think that actually matters when making that decision is getting to work on it so that it becomes a reality. Once you make the decision you’re the only one that can work to bring that decision to life.

You're so worried about making the right decision that you're not making a decision. By not making a decision it’s causing you not to work to make that decision a reality.

Whatever the decision is, it's not what determines your success, you do.

Once you understand this, its transformative.

The choices themselves aren’t going to do anything. Both can be million dollar ideas, or businesses. But it's not about the decision itself, it's about you getting down to work to make it happen.

Indecision is counteracted when you get support, coaching, and move forward to bring your decision to life. Work through this every step of the way.

If you're someone that tends to sit in indecision, an over-thinker of all the possible scenarios then simply stops and freezes, you need help managing your brain. 

This isn't the only decision you're going to need to make. You make millions of decisions every single day. The better you are at managing your brain, the better you will become at actually making the choice and getting to work, which is what is going to make that choice become a reality.

It’s not about the decision itself, you can make any of your ideas into a million dollar business if you so choose.

You need to work through the thoughts that's keeping you stuck in this indecision loop and recognizing them before you get into over thinking and getting stuck in this loop so you can move forward.

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Tips For Overcoming Procrastination - The Procrastination Cure

Personally this was a very big problem in my life.

My dad was one of those people that would do taxes the day that taxes were due. I thought this was normal and how everyone was managing their time and energy. I was doing this in my business that was completely self sabotaging me.

It came to the point that my team couldn't get things out because I hadn't done them. I would wait until the last minute and they were late to turn in things.

I want you to get ahead of the game and not get the point where you have a whole team relying on you and you're behind on stuff.

What i was doing was making these huge plans and because there was no due date immediately it meant that I didn't actually have to work on the plan until later.

But I would procrastinate and waste all that time doing nothing or irrelevant stuff instead of working on that thing I was supposed to do. Then I would be behind on all my other projects.

We waste so much time in this loop.

This had to be fixed in order for me to work 3 days a week making multiple 6 figures. I was able to do this after fixing all the things here.

What I started to do was honoring my word to myself.

It started small, I have scheduled this email and even if the email is not going out until next week I'm going to do that email when I scheduled the time for it.

That meant managing my brain.

My brain was telling me that I didn't need to do that email, its okay I have plenty of time. It was all about managing my brain, breaking those loops and pre-programmed ways of doing things that I had since I was a child.

What would be possible for you if you stopped procrastinating?

Being an entrepreneur we don’t have someone breathing down our backs and telling us when things need to be done. There's nothing like that when you're an entrepreneur, there is no timeline.

If you're an entrepreneur this needs to be ironed out because there is no person, or system that is enforcing a deadline on you.

If you were to sit down and do the launch that you’ve been thinking about what would happen?

What could happen is that you could get a lot of clients and money coming in. You could get rejected, I think a lot of the time procrastination happens because we are self sabotaging due to the fear of success.

Our brain looks at it like this - if we were to become successful we would not be part of our tribe anymore.

The first time I had a 15k month I was thinking that I had just made more money than anyone in my family has in one month. My dad has a PHD. I am no longer part of this tribe.

That was scary.

Be open to exploring it and recognizing what this feeling is. Is it the fear of success? Is it the fear that you are no longer like those in your life and those around you?

Are you prepared and do you have the support to deal with that? This is the conversation that needs to happen. It's more than the strategy of it all.

I've had clients come back to me and say “I made 30k, but i couldn't keep any of it because I felt like I was going to die.”

Anxiety was coming from more and more success.

You have to get to where you can manage your brain and be okay having money. Having the money in your bank account and H=having the money in your possession.

Without the impulse of having to go spend it. Once you can get there this is a huge milestone.

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What Perfectionism is, And What You Can Do About It

Never believe 100% of the thoughts you have.

80% of the thoughts you have are based on past ideas, beliefs, programming, etc. Most of the time they aren't in alignment with where you want to go. The minute you start believing all that, you're not able to create.

This is what coaching is, coaching gives you a straight line between what you’re thinking about and what you’re creating

If you’re being a perfectionist what you’re doing is valuing what everyone thinks about you more than your own opinion and word to yourself.

Your own opinion and word to yourself is ultimately the much bigger choice.

You’re going to show up because of your impactful vision, no matter what. If your hair is messy, if you have make up on or not, if you feel fully prepared.


I had a client that was spending 3 hours a day on blog posts that were getting 10 views. That was not working at all. After working together we moved beyond being a perfectionist.

She had such perfectionist tendencies that she was so terrified that everyone was judging her.

What was really happening was that she was judging herself so negatively that she was just frozen.


When you are dealing with perfectionism this is now how it manifests, you’re just spinning in terror. You're afraid that people are going to judge you. Their opinions of you are going to be negative.

Usually that happens because you haven't really cultivated that relationship with yourself and valued your own relationship and your own vision more than anyone else around you.

That feeling of being exposed is something we need to work and manage your brain around. It's not that you're not gonna feel exposed but how you view being exposed is going to be much better.

I'm willing to have this feeling of exposure in the greater effort for this vision I'm willing to create.

We need to reprogram and rework how we interpret failure and how we experience it.

I love failing but I've had to cultivate that relationship. I had to do it in a positive way rather than societal way. Like having an F on a paper, this is how we were programmed.

Failing is completely neutral.

I'm just getting a result. I either got the results I wanted or I didn't. But it's just a result and neutral.


The three big things stopping us from seeing real success in our business are procrastination, indecisiveness and perfectionism. Once you overcome them then you can really start to see results. You can start to scale your business.

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