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How to Upsell, Downsell, Cross sell in Your Coaching Business

Sep 01, 2020

Imagine making revenue on the back end of your coaching program and fostering relationships with customers who keep coming back for more without having to wait for your next launch to fill the bank.  Coaches often put all their energy into the success and profit’s of a single launch and miss out on the opportunity for long term sustainable growth that can be achieved by implementing strategies like upsell, downsell, and cross sell in their coaching business. So in this blog I want to share how you can capitalize on the thousands of dollars literally in front of your face right now and make money even after the doors close for your coaching program.

So let's get into it.

But first, what is an upsell? 

An upsell is simply another offer that you pitch to the people after they bought from you. It's typically a little higher in price.

Let's say somebody joins your group program, the upsell could be a VIP day with you or a done for you service. 

A fun thing about upsells is that there's no rules on timing. No matter the length of your program, you can pitch the sale after the whole program is over, halfway through or a few weeks in. Whatever suits the offer best.

When working on an upsell, think about your group program offering, and then ask yourself, what is the next step for people to work with me after that? 


Downsells are when you offer a smaller package program or service because somebody is not taking you up on your core offer. They are usually much lower in price than your full program.

With our group programs, we'll down-sell people into smaller entry-level group programs or smaller entry level courses for them to do on their own. 

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Your downsell is usually less expensive, therefore, less of a commitment and better for people who need that time to either warm up or to get their business up to speed for the next level program. 

Initially, when you’re first starting to practice these offers, you want to do it manually so that you can learn who of your clients need the smaller package and what the objectives are. 

An example of a downsell is separating one module from a course or program and offering it as a starting point for your clients.


A cross sell is when you create and sell different programs that's on the same topic. 

So for example, we have a course on message clarity and a course on podcasting. So a good cross sell is offering message clarity to the person who bought the podcasting course.  

It’s similar in price and usually offered at the point of sale. 

What is Suggestive selling?

Now you may already be thinking, how do I do this without being sleazy or pushy, or frankly out of the code of ethics in coaching?

We want to uphold our code of ethics and be able to serve our clients at the highest level, right? So how do we do that?

We do that through the process of suggestive selling. And suggestive selling is the key to planting the seed for your next offer.

It's not a hard close, it's just simply asking, do you want the next step? Do you want it done faster and easier?

The only thing to keep in mind is to be strategic about the lineup. So if someone opts in for a leash walking program you could upsell them on an offer where you personally train the dog to walk on a leash. 

You can't go from a leash walking program to an upsell about choosing the best dog food. You want to make sure you're creating a straight line of succession all the way through. 

How to Have a Closing mindset

It’s very important to have a good mindset around closing. This is when you love and care for your clients and you're putting their interests first. 

Think of selling as a continuation so you can keep working together and you can continue to serve them while standing by your values and being the coach for that person, which is within our code of ethics. 

So as a coach it’s important to have a closing mindset in terms of wanting to make multiple sales because you want to continue to help your clients on their journey. 

This becomes part of the irresistible offer and it's something that we talk about in the Fill Your Group coaching experience.


If you stay within the code of ethics and continue to sell with integrity, your clients will feel comfortable going onto the next offer because they didn't feel pressured and they know you put their best interest first.

What to Include in a Follow-up funnel

In order to best set up your upsell, you’ll need to have follow up funnels.

Follow up funnel is a series of emails and or actions that you and your team are going to do that will follow up with a client that's already purchased from you and invite them to the next step of the journey. 

It’s a sequence of follow ups after the initial sale will prepare them to opt into your upsell offer. 

The length of your funnel is going to depend on:

  1. The price of the program 
  2. How closely it ties in scaffolds off of your other program
  3. How warm your leads are when they make that first purchase. 

Coaches who are doing very well operate from infinite potential and a long-term game.

What that looks like is, knowing when you go into a launch, you’re going to do the best you can and show up 100% no matter what happens and then go back and make sure you fully connected and follow up with all those leads.

You want to make sure you’re up-selling, cross selling and down-selling. That's the power of a longer term, sustainable growth type of mindset that I hope you take on.

No million dollar business was ever made with a single launch, marketing campaign or a single strategy. It takes a lot of testing, tweaking and refining to get the marketing to work at the level that you want it to.

Takeaways for how to Upsell, Downsell, and Cross sell

An upsell is the next offer you make to your clients after they have already purchased from you, usually it is a higher ticket type of offer that is going to shortcut their success.

It's going to get them there faster strategically. 

You want to make sure it’s a straight line, a natural next step of their journey, and that you're not offering something totally different.

It's going to be an easy yes through suggestive selling. You do not have to push your course in their face to make that sale happen.

And lastly, you should have an abundance mindset so that the person who is right for the offer is going to come in and do the next level when they're ready and create repeat clients. 

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