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How To Use The Same Psychological Triggers in Marketing That The Biggest Companies Are Using For Superbowl Commercials

Feb 06, 2019

Did you know?

We always absorb and consume marketing all the time! A lot of what happens in marketing is psychological.

If you aren't well versed in how the psychology of things work, then you aren't even aware of what's going on and what’s happening behind the scenes. 

Especially these commercials because they all have thousands and thousands of dollars that each company is paying for to create and air a one minute long commercial. They’re very well planned out and have a lot of psychological effects layered in there in a very methodical way.

I want to show you what some of the psychological triggers in marketing they're using and show you how you can use them in your own marketing.


The Psychology Selling Techniques


The Google translate Commercial

They showed the google phone and the lady asks google to translate something for her

Basically it showed some heartwarming scenes with some beautiful music about people of different cultures interacting with one one another

They show people using Google Translate on their phone to communicate with people from another culture that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. They show the various words that get translated, like words about sports, belief, fear, etc. 

Words can either unite or divide people. At the end they tell you the 3 most translated words.

How are you?

Thank you.

I love you.

The message behind it that google unites people. Our product unites people.

This is important because you want to generate dopamine. Dopamine is a good chemical that happens in your brain. 

Whenever you’re creating any of your marketing materials, no matter what platform you’re on you want to be generating dopamine. Ask yourself how you’re doing this for the people who are consuming your content.

We may or may not be generating this intentionally but you want to be doing this very intentionally. If you do this enough then you can condition your audience to feel good when they see your content because you’re using this dopamine hit. I know that this sounds manipulative but this is how I see it. 

A lot of this can be used in an unsavory way but I think our intention behind it is the most important thing.

I’m impact driven which means that I make a difference in a positive way with my work. If we can utilize these tools to make a positive impact on people then we're using them for good.

If you’re reading this then I'm sure you want you’re also impact driven, so why not use the brain and everything we know about psychology to make a bigger difference?


Mercedes A Class Commercial

This man basically has this god-like superpower of making things happen just by saying it. He does a bunch of things like finding a missing cat, tearing up a parking ticket, changing the music at an opera. At the end they say “If only everything in life listened to you, like the new A class Mercedes”. 

He gets into the Mercedes and he’s again able to make everything happen with only his voice.

One of the most fundamental needs of humans is to feel listened to and heard.

It pulls on one of the most must have needs of the brain. Feeling heard and listened to.

This is the trigger for this commercial. How can we use this in our own marketing?

For me it feels wrong to tell your audience that you see them and then immediately tell them to buy something.  That feels unethical to me.

I think the best way to utilize this is to actually see your people and hear them. You don't need to tell them that you see them and hear them, just say what they want to hear. This s a 24/7 thing you need to be doing, and not a one time event.

Most important part of marketing is speaking to your ideal client avatar. Speak to that one single person that is your ideal client, all the time.

What are they struggling with?

What are they feeling stuck with?

How can I make this specific enough for that person so they feel heard and they know that I get them?

Test your message, make sure every piece of content can be heard by your ideal client.


Sketchers Commercial

A man says that he likes to make his life easy. He’s set ups his life so that he basically doesn’t have to lift a finger to do much of anything.

He essentially says ‘I like to make my life easy that's why i use sketchers slip ons’

They’re using a principle of Neuro linguistic programming. He’s saying that he's the type of person who likes this life to be easy, if you identify as that then you're also going to want to buy this shoe. Think about what your ideal client identify themselves as and how does my product or service align with that identification

I do this with my company, The Impact Driven Entrepreneur.

If you want to make a bigger difference in the world, I'm the best coach for you. Why? Because I help you get more sales and market your business so you can reach a wider audience and so you can make a bigger difference.

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Sketchers slip on shoes - I like to make my life easy and therefore I love sketches slip on shoes.

What is that for you? What is the thing that your ideal customer identifies as and therefore you’re going to be the best fit for that person.

When you market to an identity it's way more powerful. It attracts people who are so like minded on a much deeper level.


The Psychology of Buying


Washington Post Commercial

Freedom of speech and power of journalism

Starts with everything journalism has been able to uncover.

Through the knowledge that we gained from journalism they say that knowledge keeps us free

Freedom is one of those drivers that are ingrained into us as humans. What are the things your company truly gets your customers.

For me it’s financial freedom of being able to make money on demand by growing your company. There’s also the lifestyle aspect. Being able to work from home with my kids and not following a 9-5 schedule.

This is really important for my audience. This is what they went into business for .

What is something you give to your clients that makes them free. Something that they’re restrained by and because of your work you’re freeing them from


Amazon Alexa Commercial

They’re putting Alexa in everything. However not all of them are great ideas and work out. They show an Alexa in a dog collar, a hot tub, and even the space station. None of them end well for the people using her.

What are they pulling at in this commercial? The more fails you have, the more you can grow as a business. It’s okay to share your failures openly.

I know you might think that you could never share stuff like that. The more transparent you are through your process the more your audience connects with you.

If you're a health coach and everything is perfect all the time then people are going to feel like they can’t open up to you as their coach. They don't feel like they can come to you with the problems they’re having and in fact might feel shame around not being perfect.

If you say that sometimes you have a beer, sometimes you fall off your plan, or you’re not consistent with your workouts, then you feel a lot more relatable to as a person. We all make mistakes. Showing those problems is a good way to build a genuine connection with your audience.

From my experience and building my audience I can tell you that sharing transparently has always been helpful. It helps me be me, because being transparent is apart of who I am as a human but also doesn’t put me on a pedestal and make my audience think that they’ll never be as good as me.

Anytime you put someone on a pedestal they will fall down. I never want to disappoint, I want to be real about what it is.


The Psychology Tactics in Marketing


Verizon Wireless Commercial

The commercial is a retelling of a car accident and the first responders that show up to save the man's life.

Many people know people who work front lines in emergency situations. 

At any moment anyone could need help and they're the most reliable carrier because they’ll make sure you get the call. When you find yourself in the most difficult, and stressful situations every second counts.

Many times you hear that if they would have gotten to the scene a split second later then the person wouldn’t have made it. The seconds really matter, they’re the most reliable network to get you the help that you need from the emergency responders.

Verizon has created the hero's journey in this commercial. You want to use stories to communicate a message to your audience. One of the easiest stories to write and the most common story is the hero's journey. It's the same structure in any story. 

What they do  is they make the customer the hero. It’s a mistake when the business themselves try to be the hero. Set up your customer to be the hero of the story.

Story tell to showcase the customer as the hero of their own story and use this through all your marketing.

How can you stand out in your industry?

What is the critical moment that your people need you for?

Choose this one moment that they would need you most and the most important moment for them. How can you position yourself as the best choice during that moment?

This is huge for positioning in your business.


T-Mobile Commercial

The dad accidentally sent his daughter a text message when he was meaning to google How to make eggplant parm. She tells him that this isn’t google. He still ends up texting her instead of googling and she finally gives him the result he’s looking for. 

T-Mobile knew exactly who their ideal client was. They have a younger type of audience, millennials who have parents that are doing these funny text things. We’ve all experienced that in one way or another. 

It was very clear the difference between the target market here vs the one at Verizon.

Many people think that they can't succeed in their business because they don't have enough people in their target market. As you can see here both T-Mobile and Verizon offer the same service but they’re targeting different sub markets within the larger market through their commercials.

You can do the same thing if you think abundantly. Think about how you can speak to the problems, and the knowledge gaps from your ideal client and own your segment of the market. No one is taking away your business and thinking this is a scarcity mindset.

Once you get our mindset then we can really start to see progress when growing your business. The best way to grow in a sustainable way by switching to a group format instead of a 1-on-1 service. Imagine cutting the time you spend servicing your clients down a fraction of the time.


Have no idea where to even start when creating a group program? I’ve got you covered with The Ultimate Group Coaching Framework. This is a FREE resource and will show you how to get your group program from idea to fully launched.


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