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How to Write Your Suave Unique Selling Proposition

Aug 25, 2020

Your brand messaging is important because if you use the right words to talk about your offer you’ll be able to double your rate without price resistance and make it nearly impossible to sell a $1 item. The point of having a Suave Unique Selling Proposition is the difference between the thing in the dollar store that you’re not picking up vs the thing you are willing to pay $200 for.  How you talk about your item (product or service) and how you present it is everything. 

So let's talk about some of the things that are going to allow you to have a message, a stance, and a suave unique selling proposition that will convert for you. 

Business Fundamentals

I see a lot of coaches focusing on tactical things like which platform they are going to be on, brand colors, and having the perfect brand photos when instead the focus needs to be on the messaging. 

How are you going to talk about what you do? 

Messaging is one of the fundamental pieces of selling and running a successful business.

When you're focused on this foundational piece, it doesn't matter if Facebook or whichever platform you use goes away tomorrow because you know how to communicate the value of what you do. 

You know how to grow an audience, how to successfully continue to market and sell in your business. 

So let's dive into the USP.

What is a USP?

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a feature characteristic of a product or service that distinguishes it from anything similar in nature and makes it more appealing.

Whenever you are selling something, you have to consider the buying decision process of your customer. This is a journey their mind goes through before they make a purchase.

What this means is that your customer is going to be making a decision about having the solution you are offering. 

I often see coaches only focus on a small facet of the coaching industry instead of the entirety of solving a particular problem.

So if you are a health coach, for example, you're not only going to say how you're different from other health coaches. 

You're also going to say how you're different from a gym membership, going to a nutritionist, or having gastric bypass surgery. 

You have to cover all the solutions that your exact ideal clients are considering and looking for.

Unique selling proposition examples


When I was growing up, most pizza delivery services took 45min’s to an hour or more to deliver your food and sometimes you wouldn't even get it in the end. 

So Domino’s came up with the USP of “Delivery in 30min or less, guaranteed”. 

And from then on, everyone knew that if you order from Domino’s, you’ll get your food within 30 minutes or your money back. 


“When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight”

Need I go on?


"Melt in your mouth, not in your hands". 

Remember that? This was ingrained in all of us growing up and as a parent you know your kids won't be making a mess with a handful of M&M’s

Campaign messaging framework

There are 4 keys to writing your USP:

  1. Make sure it’s completely unique to anything else that people will compare it to in the industry.
  2. It has to be concise and clearly communicated.
  3. Choose something and make it memorable by repeating it over and over until it sticks in people’s minds
  4. Offer a solution that others are just not covering. We call this filling the gap.

When you are deciding on your messaging, you have to ensure that there is congruence in your entire campaign.

You have to think about the framework that you are using for your entire campaign messaging and clearly communicate it from the landing page all the way to the point of sale. There can be no deviation. 

Unique selling proposition template

I help (who you help) to (problem you solve) so that they can (results that they're going to get)

This is your core message and it should be translated on every webpage, in every funnel, video, challenge and in every offer you create.

If you are selling a product or program about leashes or walking your dog on a leash.

Your USP would be something like: “I help big dog owners to walk their dogs on a leash without pulling so that they can take their dogs for walks anywhere without embarrassment.”

But the mistake I see many people make is, they start with leash walking and then they try to end on preventing accidents in the house. 

The reason someone opted in was the problem with leash walking. So you have to make sure you're still talking about the same thing from the opt-in page right through to the sale. 

Otherwise, you're going to lose them. 

Take away for How to Write Your Suave Unique Selling Proposition

In order to sell your item successfully you need to have a USP and your campaign message must be a straight line from when they see the initial message all the way to the Checkout page. 

And in order to double your rates with your messaging, your solution must be so valuable that it's worth 10 times what you are charging. 

The value of that transformation needs to be there for your client. 

Get started on your Suave USP today so that you can raise your rates, attract your ideal clients and become a thriving CEO by Download our free Message clarity Workbook here!