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How Would Someone Who Doesn't Know Me Buy From Me?

Jun 02, 2022

 When I first started my coaching business, my coaches told me I had to start by selling to people I knew.


Although it was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever done...to this day. I quickly learned how unsustainable this strategy was long term.


As my business grew, I started to feel adamant about doing this and ran out of friends and family to sell my services to.


“How would someone who doesn't know me buy from me?” I asked myself.


I have come up with 4 simple steps to sell your coaching services online even if someone has no idea who you are:


1. Decide which platform you want to sell your services online.

Pick a social media platform that you love to be on as well as your ideal clients are going to be on. 


 2. Show up on your chosen platform consistently.

Showing up doesn’t only mean that you post consistently on your platform. You should also consider consistency when it comes to your visuals and branding, your tone of messaging, and your energy. By showing up consistently, you are going to be able to create that trust with the people watching your content.


 3. Have a way to move people from your free content to your sales calls.

Selling within your social media platform is not effective in the long term. Develop a way to bring people from your platform into sales conversation consistency in order to close sales.


 4. Grow your audience on your social media platform.

 The more audience you have means more people you can move into your sales call and close it. You can build your audience faster with paid advertising, optimizing search engines, through word of mouth, or collaborations with people in your same platform.


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