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Increase Your Income And Impact By Meeting Your Customer Where They Are

Nov 03, 2022

Most coaches do not understand the importance of speaking to their audience where they are. The reason for that is because if you aren’t speaking to your audience at their level, it is going to be a much further jump for them to start listening and trusting us. In terms of marketing, not speaking to them where they are could make the buying cycle really long and that might result in losing people or potential clients on the path. 


Let’s take a look at the stages of awareness of your audience and how you can meet them where they are:

1. Unaware. This is the person who is unaware that they have a problem and that there is a solution.  If you are trying to market to somebody who is unaware that they have a problem, you first have to sell them on the fact that they have a problem before moving on to selling them on your potential solution, and then having to sell to them the fact that you offer that solution and so on. This makes you have to go through multiple sales that you need to make– not the physical monetary sale, but selling your solution and your brand before actually making money.


2. Problem-aware. This is somebody that knows they have a problem but is unsure of what the solution is. Therefore, people like this may be shopping around and looking into various solutions. It’s important to speak to their problem and show them why your solution is a possibility to shorten their buying cycle.


3. Solution-aware. This is the person who knows that they have a problem and have identified what may be causing the problem. People in this stage would have skipped all the initial selling cycle and it will just be a matter of sharing with them that you are capable of helping them with the right solution to their problem through your program, product or service. Relaunching your products or services is a great way to sell to someone who is product-aware.


4. Product-aware. This is somebody who probably has already been in your email list, your warm audience, or has seen your product or service. 


5. Most aware. This person knows your product and knows that you’re fit for them. It’s just a matter of letting them in on all the details like the price, schedule of calls, etc. These are considered your hot audience.


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