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It's not complicated: the keys to success in sales (EP 12)

Aug 14, 2017

In this episode, Mariana talks about the anxiety, fear, and keys to success in sales. Whether it's finally making those cold calls or reaching your next income goal there are things to remember and practice to be successful in sales. Mariana will show that you will not only make the sale but all aspects of your business will begin to fall into place and flourish!

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 Key takeaways on how to make the sale:


[02:15] The importance of your mindset as you go out to make your next $1000.


[03:40] The question to always be asking yourself in order to make the sale.


[08:50]  The unexpected component to reframing your thoughts so you make that next $1,000.


[14:45] The strategy you need to make the sale


[24:28] Pricing your offer the right way to consistently make sales

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