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Lead Generation Strategies Through Content Marketing For Coaches

Feb 24, 2022

Online lead generation is the process of getting new people into your circle so that they start to understand what you do, see what it is that you are all about and gain interest and peak their curiosity and interest into your programs, products, and services.


In order to do that, you want to really focus on attracting people and building that relationship and cultivating an honest, genuine relationship with those leads so that they can convert into buyers. 


Online Lead Generation Strategies


Connections (People you know and their friends)

Your actual connections or people that you know is a great place to start generating leads. Oftentimes I see people who just want to skip this part and not use any connections at all which is a big opportunity missed.


In the beginning, you may feel a bit of hesitation because you do not want to bother your friends and family and that's totally fine. You don't want to come at it from this place of bothering people. However, some of your friends and family might know people, or be the type of people who might benefit from your coaching programs. Just realize that you can help these people and you can make life easier for them.


Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

In this digital age, the most common and perhaps easiest way to generate new leads is through social media. Traditional social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. have been proven effective to grow your leads. Whatever your platform of choice is, just keep in mind that your ideal audience should also be on this platform. You can bring in new eyeballs to your program through social media content, or short-term content, a term we use within Impact-Driven Entrepreneur. While just the fact that you're posting does not build a relationship, it can be a place for you to start building those relationships.


Digital Marketing (Blogging, videos, etc.)

Digital marketing content, or long-form content as we call it inside Impact-Driven Entrepreneur, are usually based off of search engine optimization (SEO) that can help you get found online and are a lot more long-term pieces that can generate leads for you over time even if you stop creating newer content. These pieces can either be written content like blogs or they can also be videos or podcasts.


A solid marketing strategy includes both the short-term and long-term pieces of content to bring in new leads. This combination is extremely powerful and allows you to build a content system that brings in leads from multiple sources online and brings a lot more new people into your world with a lot less work for you.


How to Generate Leads through Content Marketing


Bringing in new leads itself or just plain posting content is not enough to make sales. There is an important distinction between attracting new leads and converting these leads into sales through a customer success journey. We teach you how to create a customer success journey inside the Impact-Driven® Coach School that includes the three steps that you want to take your customers through in order to sell:

  • Capture - Getting your ideal client’s attention through both your content
  • Cultivate - Building the relationship with your hottest leads, the most interested, and the best customers for you specifically.
  • Convert - Getting them into your programs, products or services

If you are unsure or overwhelmed by either the sales process, building it out or showing up consistently, or even just getting your business to where it's making six figures online, grab the Raise Your Revenue Ceiling checklist for free. This is a 4-item checklist that breaks down exactly what to do every day to grow your business to the next level.


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