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List Building Strategies that Connect with and Convert Your Ideal Clients (IDE EP #223: REBROADCAST)

May 10, 2021

In this episode, Mariana talks about list building strategies that will connect with and convert your ideal clients from prospective customers into life-long brand promoters. 


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Key takeaways for List Building Strategies that Connect and Convert:

[01:00] The importance of asking your ideal clients before you create your opt-in

[02:15] Why your messaging needs to be consistent throughout your funnel

[03:45] Are you solving the first step with your opt-in?

[05:30] The true purpose of a good opt-in

[07:15] The transformation your opt-in provides

[13:45] Are you still doing the $6/hour tasks or are you doing the $5,000/hour tasks?


Are you ready to step into the role of Thriving Impactful CEO and create an email list that not only connects with but converts your potential clients? This is just the top of the bigger funnel.  Apply for a consultation here.



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