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Make More Money With Freebies That Convert and Protect Your Business Assets By Learning How to Grow Your Email Database

Dec 16, 2020

There's one thing that's only your property in business and that’s your email list. It's the only thing you have complete control over. 

You can grow off of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc but these can shut you down at a moment's notice. Have an opt in, and you're gonna need people to join in through that opt in to create your email list.

This is why I teach principles instead of strategies. These can be applied no matter where you're going. Today I want to show you how to grow your email database. You need to build a foundation that is strong enough for you to move forward and scale up. 

A great way to scale up your business after you get your email list up and running is to create a group program. Never again have days full of coaching calls and nothing but coaching calls. Get all your coaching done in a fraction of the time. I’ve created the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework to help people create and launch their own group program so they can start leveraging their time.


What Is List Building and why do we need to do it?


Building your email list is going to be an asset in your company and it's going to provide a beautiful relationship with each and every member for years to come.

This is the only thing you have complete control over. Facebook can shut you down tomorrow if it wants. In fact, one of my friends had her group shut down and she had 50k people in it. It was a large group.

Understand that we have assets that we control and the email list is one of them.

For every email list subscriber that you have, you can generate passive income from this email list. It’s not only an asset that is going to pay you now, but in the future as well. If you're not making money off your email list then we need to work on that because it's an asset and you're not utilizing that asset to the full potential in your business.

It's important to do this now and it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or you’ve been in business for a few years and you haven’t built one yet. You need to start building this now.

If you want to launch your group program, the more people on your list the easier it's going to be to match your numbers of the goals you set.

One of my clients is in the process of working on a $50,000 launch and she will hit that. You don't just one day wake up and say, I want to do that. You need to work towards building that.

When you have an asset, like your email list your odds of hitting that goal so much higher. You set yourself up for success. The work you're doing today is setting you up for success in the future.

Know that the list building piece is one piece of the online marketing puzzle. This is one of the principles. Is an essential part of your business. 

If you don't have a list, you don't have a business because you don't have an asset that you control, and can generate money from month after month predictably.


5 Steps to Capture More Leads


  1. Your messaging matters

If I’m a health coach and I help moms lose the baby weight. But my opt in says I help you lose weight. Is that bringing in my ideal client?

There is a huge difference in your messaging. If you're a health coach and you're trying to bring in postpartum women to try and lose weight but your opt in is to help them lose weight, then you're off your ball.

One of the most common problems I see when I work with clients is that their messaging is off.

Your freebie needs to be aligned with your messaging. Who your help needs to be very clear and what you help them with needs to be very clear.

“How to lose the first 5 pounds of your baby weight”

This is much better as it’s only applicable to postpartum women and is very results driven.

You can always change an opt-in, you can always tweak it but the messaging matters.

The more you can be specific you can be in your opt-in the better quality people you will attract for your high level programs. If you want a more committed person, you need to be more specific in the beginning.


  1. Brainstorm your freebie

What is the problem that this freebie solves?

This is really important. If your freebie is just something like a quick win, your going to have problems with your freebie converting on the second end.

Challenges and webinars are technically also freebies. They are a conversion event that is going to grow your list with a deadline. I love them because of this.

In the beginning of promoting my challenge I can get a 30% conversion rate. I won't change anything and the week of the challenge I get 80% conversion rate on the mere fact that we’re getting close to the deadline and they can't sign up after.

This is a good strategy for the short term but you also need a freebie that is growing your list daily the rest of the year.

What are you doing when you're not in the middle of a launch? 

We need to have both in your business. A regular opt-in freebie is going to grow your business everyday.

Have the challenge or webinar but also have something that is going to grow your list everyday so that when you do the challenge or webinar then you have a bigger list that directs to the  challenge or webinar. A larger list that you spent the rest of the year growing.

Having a larger list means you’re driving down the cost of ads and saving money that way as well.

If you have an automated webinar then you keep running that on auto pilot.

Automation is earned. Don't think that you can go from nothing to doing an automated webinar. You can but you could be wasting a lot of money by throwing Facebook ads behind something like an automated webinar that does not convert.


  1. Test Your Ideas Out

Have you ever put a freebie out there and only heard crickets? This has happened to me on more than one occasion. Don't ever give up if that happens to you. Keep going, because there is so much to be had on the other side.

How do we prevent this? What are the things we can do so we don't have that happen ever again?

Test. Test. Test.

Take the role of an experimenter. Brainstorm and allow yourself to just test without judging yourself whether the opt in works or not. It doesn't mean anything about you.

The reason why it's so hard for so many of you is because you hit roadblock and instead of thinking that your freebie sucks, you start thinking that no one likes you, no one wants to buy for you, no one is opting into your list so you must be a horrible marketer.

Don't let any of that come in. Tell yourself you're not available for that kind of self talk. Period.

Instead realize that we are all experimenters in our business and the number one thing in marketing is to experiment, test and tweak.

If you're not willing to put on the hat of an experimenter and instead beat yourself up about outside results that don’t mean anything about you then that's an issue we need to work on. Would Einstein say that about himself if he was doing an experiment? No, he would be onto the next thing immediately.

That's who I want you guys to think. Next time you have anything that's not working I want you to think like that instead of beating yourself up over it.

What are we testing and how are we going to make a test?

Simple, brainstorm 5 variations of your freebie. 5 titles, 5 types, etc.

Then go out and ask people. If you have a Facebook group then go ask them there, if you have a Instagram following then go there. Ask your audience which if these 5 are most exciting to you and have them tell you what they want.

Another way to do this if you don't have an audience like that is with the posts you create.

Each of those is a data point and I was using them in my business. Let's say you have one post about content creation and it was received extremely well. It got so much traffic and a lot of shares. Create your freebie on that. If you have a lot of content, look at what's performing well already. 


  1. Actually create the freebie

Notice how much work we did before this.

You don't want to invest your time in creating something that's not going to work for you.

This same principle can be applied to not just your freebie but your group program as well. You don't want to have a group program that doesn't sell.

You want to make sure it sells before you create it and You can sell it before you create it.


  1. Promote the freebie.

This is the part where we get to share the freebie with everyone.

There are 4 ways to grow an audience:

  • SEO or search engine optimization - a slow process but it does happen
  • Paid advertising
  • Other people's audiences
  • Grassroots movements - messaging and other people sharing your stuff for you

What you want to do is pick a few strategies and do that promotional process every single day to really grow that engine of leads to your business through your freebie

So if you're using one of those methods every single day the ideal goal you want to hit is for you to generate 15 or 30 leads a day, each of those. That's how you grow your list daily with quality people.

Make sure your freebie is going to promote your conversion event. A conversion event is how they buy from you. People buy from you from conversion events.

If you're not getting sales in your business there's an issue with your conversion events. Either you don't have the volume of people coming through them or your not doing them enough, if at all. If you don't have enough people going through your conversion events then you're going to struggle to get the sales.

This is how you're going to make money through your freebie. It's an asset that generates money for you.


Some Final List Building Tips


Why is investing in ads important?

This is the growth engine for your business. Ideally you’d like to test it organically first to make sure it's going to convert.

If your audience is really small you may struggle with getting that to organically convert so investing a bit into advertising to get the process going might be a good idea.

Dial in on a few freebies rather than a million.

Have a couple of freebies that work well for you that are getting the 15-30 leads a day rather than have a million freebies that don't work If you have a million that don't work then look at what went wrong and find where the stopgap was rather than to scrape everything.

Of those handful of freebies you have one of them can go towards filling a group program. These programs allow you to leverage your time within your business. If you’ve been overwhelmed with your workload and are looking to have more time for anything else then a group program is a way to go.

Serve all your clients all at once instead of doing 8 individual sessions. Imagine what you could do if that were the case. This method also provides them with better results than one on one coaching could on its own. I know that’s hard to believe but it’s true and I’ve seen it with my own eyes unfold.


I've created the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework to help anyone that wants to implement a group program create one and launch it to success. I’ve done this myself on multiple occasions, so i know the common trappings and pitfalls. Best of all, this is FREE for you.


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