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Manifesting Wealth For Coaches

Apr 28, 2022

I had a very insightful conversation with my dear friend and prosperity coach, Heather Abbott, about people’s relationship with money, how money relates to energy and some of the things you can do to manifest and build your wealth as a coach.


Key Takeaways from Manifesting Wealth For Coaches:

[02:25] Getting over and clearing money blocks and getting wealthy is just like getting out of an abusive relationship

[03:08] Your belief patterns and how you perceive specific rich people may affect your view of wanting to also become wealthy

[05:22] The millionaire financial habit of building wealth for the future 

[08:40] The connection between how your energy can manifest wealth

[12:33] How money relates not just to dollars in the back but also to freedom and longevity

[14:25] Working on creating your happiness, because money really can’t buy happiness

[15:58] The abundance from living below your means

[18:40] Taking microsteps is a key action to reducing overwhelm

[22:14] The problem with most online programs is that they don’t offer everything you need to actually make progress

[28:09] Some advice for when you are having trouble with finances and needing to get back up from overspending


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