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Mindset Tricks you should Consider while Upleveling your Business (EP #213: REBROADCAST)

Feb 08, 2021

You may know that you need a mindset if you struggle to keep up with the success. Achieving something and blocking yourself right after that is what actually holds you back from moving forward. Another example is you thinking that you will lose your customers if you raise your prices because your services aren't good enough.

But, don’t worry there are few mindset tactics that will help you to show up in your business.

In this episode, Mariana talks about mindset tactics you should try out if you are struggling with pricing and upleveling your business.


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Key takeaways for Upleveling Your Business:

[01:15] How do you now that you need a mindset work

[04:00] How mindset can help you in upleveling your business?

[07:45] How to establish confidence in your business

[09:00] Why are affirmations important for your mindset?

[10:45] The new amazing way to do EFT Tapping

[16:15] How writing down your thoughts and goals can help you


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