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Minimalism in Business

Sep 09, 2021

“YouTube is the best channel for growing your business”


“You have to be on Instagram otherwise you don’t exist”


“Podcasts increase customer acquisition by 1000%”


These are the messages that we are bombarded with as online entrepreneurs.


In our attempt to continue to grow our businesses we give into these messages believing they are what will finally allow us to have that big breakthrough.

 We come to believe that we must do more and work harder to get more clients which of course causes us to work more and more.


In this blog, I am going to talk to you about minimalism in business as a way of becoming more intentional and strategic so that you actually produce more with less.


We can’t get there without first asking...

What is the point of all of this? 


Begin with the End in Mind to Design Your Minimalistic Business Intentionally


I like to start my high-level coaching clients off by having them ask themselves what their exit strategy is for their business. 


Do they want to sell it? 

Close it down?

Or hand it down to a family member?


From there, you are able to see how big you want your business to grow. 

 Or what you will need your business to do before your exit plan. 

 And you start to create the most important thing, in my opinion, of being a CEO that is intentionality. 

 It's not about more more more...that is a hustle mentality often rooted in “not enoughness” and needing to prove something. 

 Instead, you get to choose on purpose what you want for YOU and your business. 


Minimalism in business means choosing intentionally means choosing what your business will look like in the first place. 


This means to me choosing your customer success journey on purpose not because you saw a video last week about how this platform is THE one that will change everything.

 It means choosing intentionally how big your team will be because you will need people to cover that customer success journey.

 It means choosing the hours you will work and what your boundaries are around those hours. 

 It means challenging yourself to be more effective rather than just to add more.


This is why minimalism in business has been so huge for me. 


At one point I worked with a coach that had me adding more to my business and my income actually went down. I wrote about it in this blog This is what happened when I applied the worst business advice”.


Why Running a Minimalistic Business Works so Well

How many reps can you do at the gym holding a 2lb dumbbell vs. a 20lb dumbbell? The secret reason that running a minimalistic business works so well is because you have less to manage and therefore you are able to run more reps. 


Using this analogy, you can see why streamlining down to the easiest, simplest customer success journey is so important. It’s because it lets you run that with more people allowing you to increase your income. 


You may be wondering what comprises a customer success journey. I have a framework called the Scale-Up Framework that allows you to design your very own intentional customer success journey. You can grab it here: https://www.impactdrivenentrepreneur.com/scale-up-strategy


Minimalistic and Simplified Does Not Mean "Easier"


Easier is a very subjective term. Easy and hard are perspectives. If we were to compare growing a business to manual labor you could be judging it as “easier” because it is physically less demanding but if you were judging it based on how mentally challenging it is you could judge it as much more difficult. Easy and hard is 100% based on your perspective and what measuring stick you use to judge it. 


So the question is...how hard or how easy do you want to make it? 


Could the idea of a minimalist business help it to feel easier? 


It depends on your perspective of easy and how you will measure it. 


A Minimalist Business Helps You Become More Effective


When you pair down your business to only the essentials, you are not distracted by doing more things to get the result. This allows intense focus on increasing the skillset to get the desired result. This is huge because it allows you to actually grow exponentially. 


In addition, having less to be distracted about allows a lot of opportunity for dealing with some of the personal growth issues that come up that we fail to address when we are using band aid fixes such as adding more work and hustling more. For example, when I started pairing down my business to just the essentials I noticed how much I was relying on my business to fulfill me in ways that I needed to be fulfilling myself. This allowed me to take up new hobbies like art and dog training to find fulfillment and joy in my life.


If you are ready to streamline your business and run a more minimalist business, download your Scale Up Strategy Template to get started building your business more intentionally! https://www.impactdrivenentrepreneur.com/scale-up-strategy


And no matter where you are watching this from, remember that:


You are capable.


You are strong.


You are here to make a difference.


Go on your way today to do that <3


Lots of love,




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