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Money Mindset | Ways to Improve Mindset

May 12, 2022

Money is simple– creating more and spending less will generate wealth. However, making this equation work often brings up a lot more issues emotionally and behaviorally than the simple equation.


Some ways you can develop your mindset around money:

  • Listen to what you are thinking. It could be so common for you to hear yourself think that you don’t recognize what you’re saying to yourself. It’s important to be aware of what you are telling to yourself so that you can start changing your mindset.
  • Watch out for triggers or that cause you to have an emotional response.
  • Looking at unwanted behaviors. When you are not aligning your behavior with your intention, this is a sign that there is a glitch in the system which is an opportunity to work on mindset.
  • Notice the difference between stories and facts. It’s important to clearly define what the stories you are telling yourself are and the facts about the situation so that you’re able to decrease the emotional charges that come up with money mindset.
  • Heal your past. A lot of money mindset issues come from childhood experiences or traumatic events and it will be helpful to look at the patterns or ideas to know where you can focus on healing.
  • Goal setting. Set a goal and imagine what the person who has this thinks, does, and believes in order to operate based on your goal.
  • Acknowledge every win. Not every win you get translates to dollars into your bank account immediately. However, if you acknowledge those wins, you are able to stick with them until you see financial gains from them.


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