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Overcoming Sales Objections For Coaches: Types Of Objections In Sales

Jun 30, 2022

The secret to increasing sales in your coaching business is mastering your sales process and understanding the reasons behind the sales objections you get when people aren’t quite ready to join your program yet. Working through sales objections with your clients will jumpstart your relationship with them and help you build the solid trust that will eventually make them feel comfortable to be working with you on that specific problem that they have.


Mindset plays a big role in order to work towards hitting your 6-figure mark with high-ticket coaching programs. If you are at a point where you’ve had a couple conversations with your clients but haven’t gotten them to the point of buying, instead of feeling defeated and discouraged, look at the conversations you’ve had with them and identify what the actual objections are in order to address them and have a mutually beneficial conversation that will help them get closer to their goals and at the same time help you grow your business.


The Different Types of Objections In Sales


“I can’t afford it”

If you’ve ever tried selling anything to anyone, you might have heard this objection before. What this could mean when people tell you this is that they could not see the value of your program in their lives right now. As someone selling the program, it is our job to show them the value of the work we provide in their lives specifically. Help them understand how your program can make a difference in their lives.


“I don’t have time”/ “Now is not the right time”

 This objection could mean they have a mile-long to-do list that they need to work on and the problem you are promising to solve is not their top priority that may be caused by underlying fears and limiting beliefs. Working through this objection will help them to commit to the goals they set out for themselves. 


“It won’t work for me because…”

It is very common to hear this objection in business coaching and a lot of times, this objection comes from all types of limiting beliefs– what is possible for somebody, what they can achieve in different situations, etc. The reality, however, is that these beliefs are just ideas and thoughts that our brain produces. This does not mean that we have to believe everything our brain thinks. Our job as coaches is to help them take their power back and put on the role as someone who is responsible for growing their business. 


“I have to ask my significant other”

This is another common objection that we hear in the sales process. What this could actually mean is that your client needs more validation to feel safe and comfortable to buy from you and if they are making the right decision. Sometimes, it could be that they do not take the power to make decisions in their business. It’s helpful to go back to helping them understand the value of your program and working with them to take back their power as CEOs of their business. Also try asking clarifying questions like, what it is specifically that they need to talk to them about and why speaking with their S/O is helpful in making this decision. The most powerful thing you can do in this situation is remind your client that they can get and create their own validation for themselves. 


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