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Productivity System: Best Productivity Workflow for Coaches Overwhelmed with Workload

Feb 17, 2022

The most important thing that people often skip when talking about productivity and getting more things done is asking themselves, “what is the point?”. To be productive, we want to begin with the end in mind. This means being really intentional about what we want to be productive around, or what the point of all of this productivity is.


I can't think of a better example than when I was growing my business and I was working from home full time on my business while taking care of my kids. I thought, “I want to be more productive”, so I asked myself, “what is the point of all of this? Why do I want to get more done in my business?” It was very clear to me that this meant more relaxed and intentional time with my business and the opportunity to have a lot more alone time by myself because I could then hire a nanny, hire the help that I needed with my children to be able to open up that space for myself.

Get clear on what matters most to you

When we’re looking at what the point of our productivity is, think about what the things that are going to be impacted in our lives are. That can be a really big driver to get the work done and to keep motivated all the way through. It also makes it very clear where we stand with our values with our priorities and when things are popping up, we can really be intentional about making decisions that honor our values.



Time blocking is important to do so that you can have time to focus on the things that matter most to you. The time blocks should align with the priorities you set above as well as the most efficient way to get there. So we would not want to just put “Work on my business” as a time block. Instead, you want to be super specific with what you will work on and the outcome you will produce.  If you are unsure what to do every day to grow your business, download the Raise your Revenue Ceiling checklist, 4-item daily checklist for coaches who want to make the most of their limited time by focusing on the tasks that are proven to increase their bottom line.


Managing incoming tasks, projects, ideas and requests

As entrepreneurs, professionals and maybe even parents, no one tells us how to deal with ALL. THE. INCOMING things. Add staying on top of “adulting” (things like car inspections and taxes) and it can be very overwhelming. The best way I have found to deal with this is to build it into my productivity system. A good system for managing incoming tasks is key to staying productive and avoiding overwhelm.


Schedule in a time to review incoming projects at least once a week. This is for ideas, inbox checking, project tasks or any other requests. During this time you will take a full inventory. 


When your list is complete you can begin to prioritize. What has to be done this week? What has to be done in the near future? What is more of a “Someday” thing. 


Have ONE place where you keep these so you don’t forget week to week. As you schedule out your week, you can include the pieces that make sense for that week. Just make sure what you are scheduling out is manageable for that time slot.


A common mistake when scheduling out incoming items is scheduling out full on projects but only allotting the time that a task would take to complete. 


As new items come in, put them into the running system or wait until you review time that week.


Tweaking the system

As I said in the beginning, making a system that works for you is the most important part of creating any system. As you go forward to implement this system, it's important to have check-ins to make sure that it is working well for you and that it is manageable. There may be parts of it that are feeling too difficult or areas where you find yourself not doing what you are trying to tell yourself to do. That is where you can take the opportunity to tweak the system. This is the key to any system that is sustainable for you long term.


Being productive in business means making the most money that we can with the hours that we're investing into our business. And in order to help you to do that, we have created a freebie called Raise your Revenue Ceiling. It is a revolutionary four-item daily checklist that helps coaches make the most out of their limited time by focusing on the tasks that help you to increase your revenue. Get your copy of Raise your Revenue Ceiling checklist for free today.


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