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Sales 101 - The 5 Top Reasons Customers Buy

Nov 09, 2020

We’ve all been there. Your program is not selling. 

Maybe you’re struggling to get the sales on something specific in their business. Maybe you have a program you want to sell but they don't know what you need to do to get it to sell or why it's not selling.

Let me show you the 5 steps I go through when troubleshooting why the program isn’t selling as well as the top reasons customers buy.


Help! No One Is Buying My Products


Before we can think of solving the problem of why we aren’t able to sell our programs, we need to do some prework.

You need to have done your research. You’re messaging needs to be clear. Are you creating a solution to a problem? If you are, then are you communicating that clearly in your messaging?

I want you to realize that sometimes there's many factors that go into why a program isn’t selling.

I created a checklist based on my experience of launching a group program. I call it the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist. You can use this help with your research, get crystal clear on your messaging and everything else you need for your launch. Best of all it’s completely FREE.


What Makes Customers Buy From You?


There are a series of questions you need to ask yourself when you want to find out why no one is buying from you.


Do you want to sell it?

I was on a coaching call with someone and she was telling me that she knows what she wants to sell but wasn’t entirely sure what the program would look like. After going through it with her I realized that she didn't really want to sell it.

There are far too many people that are walking around saying that their program is not selling. But when I ask them to do the things that are going to sell their program, they put up so much resistance.

If you don't want to sell it, and it's not selling then you’re actually meeting your own goals.

Sometimes we create this story about how we aren't good at selling because our programs aren't selling. In reality after digging beyond just the surface we realize that we didn’t want to sell it in the first place. 

Ask yourself if you really want to sell it.

If you don't want to sell it then you’re putting yourself through mental torture, and asking yourself feel guilty. You're putting yourself through the ringer for no reason.

When I first sold out my coaching practice I had no daycare, and no support. Because of this I was coaching people until 11PM. This was really hard on me. 

I was definitely not going to book another client or add someone to my waiting list. I already had my plate full and then some, it was too much!

If you're feeling unsure of what your capacity is, or feeling unsure about your program as a whole then it might be a sign that you don't actually want to sell it.

Do you believe in your ability to serve the person?

This happens a lot especially if you’re newer or your product, program or service is newer. This can also happen to more experienced business owners when things shift and change in their business.

You doubt if you're able to get this person's results, you're not 100% sure. I see this all the time because they don't believe in their program 100%.

Fortunately this has the easiest fix ever!

Go out there and serve some people. It’s as easy as that.

Go out there and do the service, get them the results!

If you know your service can help them then you will automatically overcome this one

I have a friend who was feeling this. For context, in coaching it's a lot of theories and things we create out of our own experiences.

She had melded two theories together and she ran some people through a pilot program Her people did amazing! And because of this she sold out her program.

Just go out there and serve your people, it will give you the confidence you need to go out there and sell your program. Overcome any fear you have of it and you’ll be able to get anyone results.

I’ve launched my group program to great success many times before. But before my success I made some mistakes. Save yourself some time and frustration by learning from my mistakes. The Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist is all that experience condensed into an easy to use checklist. 

The Biggest Reasons Customers Don’t Buy From You


Is your pricing out of alignment?

When you have a product, program, service, etc. and you know it's worth a lot of money and you're not charging it then it's not going to sell.

It doesn't matter if the price is lower. It goes back to uneven energy exchange. You’re gonna feel like you're giving all of this and not getting enough back in return. You're either going to sell it and resent the clients you get or you're not going to sell it because you’ll self sabotage somehow.

If the pricing is aligned then you’ll feel so much better. You don't need anyone to justify your pricing. Do whatever feels good to you or whatever your gut is telling you. But you need to be aligned with it.

Are you promoting it?

If you wanna sell it you gotta promote it. It won't sell if no one knows about it. So get out there and talk about it

Let me tell you about Content Queen. This was a small program I was selling at the time. I had a very small launch for it.

I thought I was blasting it everywhere.  Emails going out everyday, I was talking about it on social media every single day. I thought for sure everyone knew about it.

By the end of the promotion we had a really good turnout. We sold about 30 or 40. But I was wondering why no one else bought the program. At the time I had a list of 1500 or so.

I wanted to know so I could improve the promotion the next time. So I sent out a questionnaire and one of the questions was why did you not purchase Content Queen.

Someone asked what Content Queen was?  Seriously?

I thought I was shouting from the rooftops but there were still people who didn't hear me. If you're not promoting it people are not going to know about it.

The same thing happened to my client. She was promoting something for 2 or 3 weeks and someone told her that she didn't know she was running this program.

They ended up buying it from here.

Be out there and promote it. Proactively talking about the thing you're selling. Hammer it in, work through your fear and anxiety so you can Promote your product or program.

We can't leave things up to social media algorithms. We can't hope they open your email.


Are you following up?

On average it takes 5-7 follow ups to close a sale.

There is a difference between marketing and sales. They’re two very different things.

Marketing is the posting and public visibility of it.

Sales is the back end up stuff, like private messaging people, and following up with people. Are you building genuine relationships?

Let's say you have a funnel that is more automated, like a webinar. It’s a lot less hands on vs doing a discovery call with someone that is a 1 on 1 conversation. The discovery call has a much higher conversion rate.

Know your numbers, know the conversion rates of what your selling mechanism is. This way you have a realistic number. 

How many people am I actually supposed to be closing?

How many leads do I actually need?

Are you following up the people who are interested or shown interest? For example the people you got on the phone.

Takes several times of following up for that sale to happen and this is a natural part of the buying cycle.

You can do it from a sincere place of service, it doesn't have to be a pushy thing. Being pushy is not going to work here.

Being able to sell your program confidently is the first step you need to take so you can properly scale your coaching business.

If you haven't already implemented a group program then that’s also a very good way to scale up your business. Imagine servicing all your 1 on 1 clients in one shot.  

What would you be able to do with all that extra time? Spend more time getting ahead in your business? Maybe spend more time doing what you love? Or more time with the family?


Unfortunately, launching a group program requires a little bit of extra effort as opposed to your standard 1 on 1 program. Fortunately for you, I have a checklist that you can follow to help you out. I call it the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist and it's completely free.


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