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Scalability Plan: Upscaling Your Coaching Practice Beyond 6-Figures

Apr 20, 2020

Have you ever taken a client and ended up feeling like why did I even take this client?

Maybe you have been in a situation where you felt misaligned with your clients because they were bordering you all the time, expecting a Lamborghini when they have paid for a Kia or they were not even willing to pay at all. Perhaps your own case is that your clients were not showing up to do the work required for them to get the transformation your program offers.  The good news is that there is a way to structure your business to avoid all those frustrations.

You can actually have a scalability plan by creating a marketing plan that successfully weeds out all the people who are not meant to work with you while raising the cream of the crop to the top simultaneously to easily scale your business beyond 6-figures. This is what we are going to cover in this article.


But before we talk about scaling beyond 6-figures let us discuss how you can grow your business to 6-figures if you are not there already.


Building a 6-Figure Coaching Business from a Single Offer

There is a difference between growing a business and scaling a business. Before you can scale your business you need to grow your business to a 6-figure coaching business. That will give you a very solid foundation that can support scaling. And in my opinion, what that means is that your business must be getting at six figures in revenue from a single program.

If you have six figures in revenue, but not from a single offer, you are still not really fully ready to completely scale. So, your number one objective should be growing your business to that point where one of your offers is generating six figures in revenue and you can scale from there.

Obviously, the price tag of your program will determine how quickly you get to $100,000. The higher the price, the easier it is for you to get to $100,000 from the program.

We have helped people that have a $10,000 program get to $100,000 by just selling to 10 clients with a very simple business model. It is that simple and you can do it.

From my experience with hundreds of coaches, I can tell you categorically that a lot of people have issues with pricing because of their mindset about money. And these people struggle with hitting $100, 000 on one offer. Imagine having a $1,000 offer and trying to get 100 clients. That becomes even more difficult when they have a very small audience.

To address this, we always include a free mindset mastery program in our offers.


I did a podcast episode on building a single offer that can get you six figures. In the podcast, I talked about what I called The Signature Program Blueprint: Your North Star Program and how you can use it to build a single offer with which you can get to six figures in revenue.

How To Scale A Business Fast

One way to scale a business fast is through a high ticket program. Generally, what I refer to as a high ticket program is a program that sells at over $5000. I prefer $10,000 and above, but you can start wherever you feel comfortable.

I also prefer a group program because it helps you to save time. Imagine you running a group program that is $10,000 per client and you're going to service them just one hour per week.
And you will be earning $100,000 a year in one hour a week of work.

That is how powerful what I am teaching you is. You cannot compare it with the time you would spend if you are just serving clients one-on-one for $10,000 each.


Depending on how many hours you work every week, spending 10 hours on this single offer might not give enough time to work on your business. It even becomes more difficult if you do not have a team.

I like looking at business from a holistic approach rather than just looking at it only from the angle of serving clients. And that is one thing that makes the methodology we teach unique when compared to every other program out there.

In order to scale your business fast you need to have sufficient time to invest in all the aspects of business: marketing, sales, copywriting, strategic planning, and lots more. And running only the one-on-one model in your coaching practice will not give that time.

This is why I am always of the opinion that selling only one-on-one won’t grow your business. It will definitely make you some temporary money now, but in the long term, it actually takes you away from marketing and growing your own business.


In fact, I have a free group coaching checklist that you can use to scale your group coaching program to 6 figures. Go to The Ultimate Group Coaching Checklist to sign up now.



Scalable Marketing Solutions

We have talked about the importance of having a single offer that gets you six figures and how that high ticket offer is the easiest way of getting that done. You might ask, how do I get to charge $10,000, for instance in my offers? That is why you need scalable marketing solutions. 

Let us look at four strategies you can start implementing immediately if you want to scale your business.

First, you have to make sure that your business strategy is not going to make it difficult for you to scale. Just like we recommended a group coaching format against one-on-one in servicing your client, you need to also make sure that you are marketing and selling to groups rather than to one-on-one. 

I remember one time I went to a networking event and there were about 10 people in the room. I decided not to join. It was one of those programs you can join by paying a monthly fee with the benefit of networking and trading leads with each other. 

I said to myself that that was such a bad use of my time. I could sit in my room and literally reach hundreds of people by going live on social media or doing my podcast rather than wasting my time begging leads from ten people.


That is what I mean by a scalable marketing solution. And you really want to get to where you can master it. That is one of those things and we do this through challenges and webinars,  two conversion events which we teach that are going to be able to give you more bang for your buck.


Secondly, you need to learn to scale your business fast. There are simple strategies that you can implement to scale your business quickly. We teach you how to do this in our Profitable Impact Formula Program.


One of them is the benefit of leverage that comes from serving many clients at once which we have already discussed. We also have a mindset mastery program that helps you operate from an abundance place instead of from the place of lack and scarcity. It is indeed such a beautiful place to be.


We also teach you a hiring process where you build a team and have many people rooting for you. We teach you a system that will enable you to get multiple leads and have options to choose from. All these will really help you in doing it faster because you have exponentially more hours of work in your business.


Thirdly, create a solution that is targeted at the top tier audience in your niche by ensuring that you get your messaging right. These are the people who based on where they are in their journey will be willing to invest in your programs and be committed to showing up for their own transformation. They are your ideal clients.


A lot of coaches usually ignore this category of audience. They think that they do not have needs because they are up there. But the truth is that they do have a need and are willing and able to buy from you.

Once you learn how to speak with them you will be raising the cream of the crop to the top and at the same time be weeding out all the freebie seekers.

And lastly, you want to also be able to serve all the other people even when you want to work with the top tier person.


The way we do this in the Impact Formula Framework is by creating a leverage offer which is like a group program. We have a done for you or one-on-one and that very highest end.


And we also have a self-study program that allows you to service the clients that are newer.


That is the way you can help people and provide a huge impact on them all along their journey. This is how to nurture clients that are still at the starting point of their journey to when they will be able to afford your high-end program. That is literally creating your own ideal clients.


It is not in the best interest of any coach to just take any client just to get by hoping that they get one more client. Instead, you want to upscale your business and build a business that you can command very high-level pricing. Then you can scale beyond six figures very quickly.

No matter what your audience size is, you should be able to do it quickly. And if you are more in the beginning phases where you still do not have quite an audience, then that is going to be faster if you charge higher level prices.

And you really need to master selling to many at once so that you can grow your audience and have more leads. You need to have a team that is rooting for you and selling for you.

You also need to craft your message in a way that will get you the cream of the crop clients. And while targeting them you also have an offer for newer clients with a plan to nurture and support them until they also become high-end clients.


Do you want to scale your Group Coaching to 6-Figures? Then you need our group coaching checklist. It is the only checklist you will need to scale your group coaching business to 6- figures.  Go to The Ultimate Group Coaching Checklist to sign up now.


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