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Set Yourself Up For Success with These Pre launch Marketing Checklist So You Can Have a Bigger and Better Launch

Aug 06, 2018

If you’ve ever done a launch then you know how stressful it can be.

Ask yourself how can I get ahead of the launch enough so that I can do this pre-planning and create the runway at all? Because If you're not already creating a launch runway then this is going to be huge for you.

However, you need to do it at your own pace. You gotta walk before you can run. If you don't have a funnel that has ever worked for you then that's your #1 goal.

After you get that down then we can start to optimize it, by adding a runway and more intricacies.

My goal here is to create something of a pre launch marketing checklist for you.

Creating a launch runway is about how you’re going to nurture them and how you’re going to get them ready for your launch. This way when the launch comes up then it’s a no-brainer for them to opt in. Instead of their eyes glazing over and not opting in and not joining your launch funnel.


The Biggest Goal With Your Pre Launch Strategy


Create desire for your program

The best way to do this is to have a program that is branded.

Don’t go launching different programs all the time. For example “2k steps to 20k” one day and another the next. You're going to cap yourself out.

Anyone with a business over 6 figures has a branded program. What this allows you to do is, between launches you can create desire for that program.

People will be primed, and ready to invest in your program because they already know of it.

Think about Coca-Cola as a brand. You’re not selling something new every week, you're still selling Coca-Cola.

When you develop that brand and that authority around that signature program you can start to get infinitely bigger launches as you go because you're creating desire even between launches.

Even though the cart is closed and they can't get into your program, people are going to want to join between the time it’s running.

This is a more complicated and advanced tactic. It requires you deciding on a program, naming it, and being decisive by sticking with it.

Hardest part for me.

I always changed my program every month and after a while people were asking what happened to my old programs. This was when I realized that I needed to start branding my program.

Even though the program is changing, I gotta keep the same branding. I added stuff and shifted things around. I wanted to rename it every time but I technically could keep the same name.

Make a decision about the name and stick with it.


Do More During Your Pre Launch Marketing Plan So You Can Become Better


Someone asked me how they can sell their program. They were in the weight loss niche and they couldn’t show their clients what kind of ROI they would get.

That is where you get the opportunity to put on the marketer hat rather than simply saying you’re going to make a 20x the money you invested. This is where you get to be a really great marketer.

When I was still doing consulting we had a school as a client and we more than doubled their census! There is no ROI on that.

It was so fun to market and come up with marketing messages for this school. Following up and following through.

I’m sharing this with you as an invitation to be a better marketer of your own business.

Don't go the lazy route and simply say you're going to make 20 million by buying this for 1 million. That is never going to be as good of a marketing strategy as really showing people what is possible for them. In every aspect, not just ROI.

Really understand your client so you can work on the beliefs that are keeping them stuck.

When they sign on and start your group coaching program they’re going to be primed and ready to go forward and get the result they actually want rather than thinking it's just about money.

I know some of you are sitting there and thinking that it's harder for you because you have this type of business or whatever the case is.

I invite every one of you to step up as a marketer and become the next version of yourself as a marketer.

I cannot express how much this is going to help you in the future of your business.

Something else that will help the future of your business is introducing a group format. Not sure how to do that? I’ve created the Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist so you know exactly what you need to launch one.

Pre Launch Campaign - Everything Leading Up To The Big Day


Your content has to be congruent throughout the entire process. Not only with freebies and opt ins but also with what you're selling.

Let's say your program was about growing your audience. Your freebie was also about growing your audience. String them together, then tell them at the end you're going to show them how to grow their audience in 3 steps. This is congruent.

When the offer comes up, it's still about growing the audience and they’re going to want it.

What I see too often is the funnels aren’t congruent. The first step of the funnel, the thing promoting the opt in is for example eating clean. The opt in is about exercising and the offer is about eating clean and exercising.

This sounds super simple and it seems like people would follow that. But It's hard to see the forest from the trees when you're in it yourself.

Things need to be crystal clear for them, you almost need to spell it out.

I've done this in my own business. Sometimes I take CEO day and just strategize. I’ll look objectively at my business, not as someone who's in the business working. I'll go into my customers shoes and see what they’re really experiencing.

That is the role of the CEO. You need to create an amazing environment for your team to grow as well as create an amazing environment for your clients to get the results that you promised.

When we’re working on all of the intricate details we can easily lose sight of those things.

Think about how everything you're doing before that launch trigger comes out. First a quick crash course on launch triggers. 

Launch triggers are basically your conversation event. 

Things like a discovery call, webinar, challenge, something to that effect. An event or experience. After the amazing experience you provide, you’ll ask them for the opportunity to work with you. If you both decide it’s a good fit then they’ll continue to work with you.

That is your launch trigger.

Everything leading up to your launch trigger, like social media posts, written blog, videos everything is going to be prepping and priming your people to want to opt in.

If you're being congruent and they opt in then they are more likely to buy because they actually are going to have this problem.


Smart Objectives For New Product Launch


Have intentionality with each post

Each thing you put out on social media leading up to launch. Really be intentional with your content, this is exactly what's going to fuel and grow your launches. 

It's not about spamming someone with the same infographic over and over again.

Doing this is a great way to drive down desire, and train your people to ignore you because they’re seeing it so many times in the exact same way.

I'm not saying don’t have the same message.

You should have the same message because that's how you get your message across but you can portray it in different ways. You can say it in one way, then another. Use multiple different mediums, like a video, a webinar, a written post, an infographic, etc.

If you hit them with the same exact message every time you’re training your audience to ignore you. This is the last thing you want. Being intentional and strategic about that content leading up to launch can create desire for both your freebie and paid program.


Have multiple touch points

Doing a live stream and a podcast and video and written content. Do as many different forms of content. That is if you have the means and capacity to do all of them.

I'm not saying you have to do it all at once.

For my book launch I am doing all of those and more. I'm being very intentional and I'm so far ahead of it that by the time that day comes it won't be overwhelming because we planned it for months.

When you look at my launching rhythm you’ll see that I don't do a launch every week or every month. That would be exhausting!

Think about how you can be more strategic with the content and use it in a way that does create multiple touch points but is less overwhelming for you. If you are ahead of everything it will be more effective because you’ll have a strategy for it and you’ll also have less stress when the big day comes.

Oh, a side note, you want to have support with this and not do everything on your own. Hire the people that are going to work with you help create that content.

We brought on a video editor who was an intern. What a Godsend! It’s an amazing asset and relationship that we get to have because I’m now able to be consistent with some of those videos I've been wanting to do for years.

That makes me feel really good. I can get better results and show up in a different way now because of the simple fact of having a video editor there.

Think about what you're putting off because you have no time or just haven't been doing it. Go do it and get ahead of your launch. Plan it out, get the support you need and get it done.

Creating a runway can do wonders for you leading up to your launch. But, as I said at the start, you need to walk before you can run. You need to have a program first before setting up the runway.

If you haven’t considered it before then a group program might be for you. Not only can you service all your clients in a fraction of the time but I will say that them being a group will yield better results for them. It really is a great way to scale your business.


If you’re thinking about launching your own group program then you might find my Ultimate Group Coaching Launch Checklist valuable. It's the culmination of my past experience doing group launches and completely FREE.


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