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Should I Charge More for Group Coaching or 1:1 Coaching?

Jan 09, 2018

As you are growing your coaching practice and you are deciding on your pricing structure, you’ll also want to start incorporating a group program into your practice. But, that also brings up the question: should I charge more for group coaching or 1:1? 

This is definitely an important question to ask yourself. But, it shouldn’t hold you back from launching your first group program, either.

How can I charge more for group coaching?

The first thing is that successful entrepreneurs are decisive. They make decisions on purpose and are really tuned into themselves while making the decision. 

Unsuccessful entrepreneurs or coaches who are struggling and broke are the ones looking to everyone else on how everybody else's building their business and trying to build it that way instead of tuning in and saying this is how I want to run it.

As you're going through this I really want you to step into the role of a successful entrepreneur who is decisive, tuned into what they want, what their business is going to look like long term and also what's going to serve their clients the most. 

So do this from that place not from the place of I have to do this right and I have to do this wrong. That is the mentality of a struggling coach. 

It's your business. You can do things your way. And unless you try some of these out and decide what works for you, what works for your audience and that kind of stuff you'll never really know what your sweet spot is. 

 So as you're choosing like I want to leverage. I want to scale. And I want to do it with the group program. Amazing!

 And this is an opportunity for you to tune inwards, because what has likely happened before is that the reason that you ended up with a business model that is no longer serving you and is no longer in the direction you want to go is because you were already doing this.

Should I charge more for group coaching?

There is no clear cut right or wrong way of running your group coaching. It can all be very fluid and very dynamic. Your pricing structure will also depend on the type of group coaching program that you choose to run.

There are 5 types of group coaching programs: 

 Live Workshop

So the first type is a live workshop. This is where you teach a specific topic, and you take people through different lessons.

So you may open for Q and A. You may have a starting topic that you're going to teach on. And you have an end result by the end that they would have learned. 

A lot of times when I do workshops like this usually I do them like a month or couple of months. Sometimes I've done it for as long as four months teaching a topic. 

I'll just take them through step by step. This is what you're gonna do first. Then this is what you're gonna do. And this is what you're gonna do.

 It's more like a class, like a university class. And in that case there's a way where you can open up for questions at the end of the session.

Now I have actually done it where it's just one lesson. If you're teaching a small topic or a topic that it's not like has to be drawn out for several months just do one lesson on it. 

It's totally fine to do a single one time workshop. That's one day and the day could be like two hours a day. It could be eight hours. You can run it however you want. 

But I was recently in a coaching group chatting with other people about their ideas and one of the people was like I don't really want to do this like a long time drawn out thing. I'm better at just teaching the thing and you go implement the thing go do the thing. 

And I said, well, then why are you stressing yourself out trying to do like a six month thing or a three month thing? If what you really want to do is a single one day workshop like that's totally fine. 

You can do it virtually right. You could do it in person. You could do it virtually. This goes for all of these. You could do these all virtually. You could do these all in person. It's all your choice.

I prefer virtual cause it gives leverage. It's so I can reach more people I can have like a worldwide audience.

But that's my personal opinion and my personal choice. And it doesn't also mean that I may not run some of these as live workshops in person. The point of it is leveraging your time, leveraging your service and moving more towards leverage than what you have been doing.

Application Medley

All right, so the second is what I'm calling the application medley. I love this name because it's kind of like a beautiful dancing song  like a medley between you and the person doing the teaching. So you're gonna have teaching. That happens on pre recorded videos.

So there are videos that are already available for people inside of a membership site, for example, and those are the teachings.

And then when they show up for the coaching sessions, they're actually just hot seat coaching calls. So that means they would come prepared with like, their material.

 They would say, you know what? I have this problem. I have seen your things on this and these are my hot and I really need coaching and applying this. Or like, I've tried this. This didn't work. I need help with that. 

That is what a hot seat coaching call is. And in this way you're gonna be the one doing most of the coaching. This is great for somebody who is still trying to learn and still trying to apply the concepts that you're trying to teach some.

And so this is perfect in that part of their customer success journey.

 Private and Group Combination

The next one is private and group combination. In a private and group combination, what happens is you may have group coaching sessions where it could either be the live workshop style or could be the video self study style.

And then, along with that, they also have private coaching with you or with another coach. You don't even have to be the coach servicing these clients.

The private and group combination I think, works really well. This is what we do in our programs. 

All our programs in the Profitable Impact Formula comes with accountability coaching so that it is always this private and group combination.

And we are running a lot of the teachings as live workshops. And now, as we're going into 2020 I'm refining all that content that I did live and I'm really condensing it down into these pre recorded videos.

So the beauty part of that is that I started with doing them as live workshops.

Then I refined it. And I reran the live workshop again and I refined how I was teaching it.

I remembered. People got stuck here. This was too much content there. This wasn't enough information here. I didn't explain the section well enough.

 With all of that data over the last several years I'm able to go into creating impact Formula 2.0 right now and have it be the application medley. 

It's where all the pre recorded videos are going to be very methodical and very well thought out and they'll be like, not out live. But the pro of that is that you're gonna have the condensed version. 

It's going to be like, Okay, this is exactly what to do. This is, you know where you might stumble and this is the solution to those things.

So that's the beauty of really letting yourself be in progress of the progression of your group program.

So the private and group combination is what we offer, and I absolutely love it. And so it's group coaching calls alongside.

They also get private coaching, private coaching with a coach and some private coaching with me in an effort to be a more personalized approach.

It's more custom tailored to them and really gives them that opportunity to have their private concerns addressed privately but also still enjoy the perks of being in a group.

Because in a group, one of the beautiful things that happen is that a lot of time you aren't even aware as you're learning something. It's that whole concept of consciously unconfident where you don't even know what questions to ask if you haven't gotten to that step.

And so if you see somebody else asking that question and working through a specific thing, you're like Oh my God, I didn't realize I needed to also be doing that. Let me make sure that I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

 And so that beautiful dynamics happens in a group program as well as obviously, the community. You don't feel alone with all those other perks.

But in a private and group combination, you're also able to have them feel very supported and connected with you, or with a coach.

  As I said, we have a coach that I actually just brought on this week who's going to be doing all of the accountability calls with clients monthly and so like she's gonna work with all the clients.

This is what you know your goals were for the month. This is where you are. What's your plan to move forward like that kind of stuff.

So, again, the structure of it can be as fluid or as structured as you want to have it. But you don't even have to be the one fulfilling all of the private coaching that goes along with it.

The mastermind

In a mastermind, you're not gonna have any formal teaching. The caveat with that is that for a mastermind to work, people need to be at a certain level of mastery within their process

For example, if you're a health coach and you're doing a mastermind it would make more sense if you were doing a mastermind for like, body builders. It's not like you're teaching them what to eat and how to eat and whatever.

It's more like their coaching each other on the application or what they're feeling. Or, you know, like the experiences that they're going through and they're already all at mastery level.

That's kind of how you would structure it. And in a business concept context you could have, that'd be after they have gone through the program. 

So as you're seeing this and the progression of this, you can see how you could actually have the first tier of your group program ascension model basically being that they come in. And they do a one single day workshop with you. And then they go into a longer term workshop.

Let's say after they've done that, they may do another level where they're having the group dynamic but also private coaching with you. And that's obviously going to be a little bit more expensive.

Then they could have the mastermind which is the highest level, which is, you have to be at X number, like either of dollars or like years of expertise or certain level. And you have to have gone through the other levels in order to attain and get into this elite group.

Sometimes, the mastermind is not actually any formal teaching. The way they get to be at that level is because you have taken them as clients from  the starting earlier stages, and they have already learned from you and applied those things.

Now it's really just about having a support group and  having those higher level conversations. What I found in my own work is that if you're having people who are further along and then you have some newer people the people who are further along will not be able to have a certain level of conversation with the newer people.

It's not that the further along people don't want to. I mean, I hate to even use this because I think like so much of our work  as we grow is to say there is no linear progress.

 But you know what I mean. The people that know your work very well are going to be able to have those higher level conversations than the person who is just figuring out your work is not gonna be conscious or aware of.

And so we want to have a container for those people who are mastering your work. And they are applying your work and they are at that level. And so the mastery mastermind level can do that for them. 

 Your Own.

And so, like I said at the beginning of this episode there is no clear cut right or wrong way of doing this. This can all be very fluid and very dynamic. As you saw it .  Like with a live workshop, you're literally teaching a class and you're tending to the needs of the students in the class.

And then as your methodology gets better and more refined and you're like every time I've taught the students this they have always gotten stuck on this one thing. I want to make sure I really explain this well and whatever.

Then you can have a more intentional prerecorded video that's almost like a course. And you may choose to have a self study version of that right where you have a self study version. And then you have the one with the hot seat calls.


In Summary: Choose One of the 5 Types of Programs and then Determine if You’ll Charge More for Your Group Program or 1:1

My point in teaching you all of this, is for you to really walk away with this saying there are five ways.

  •  One, the live workshop where I just teach a thing. 
  • Two, the application medley where they're applying based on the video training's or the life workshop, like the teaching side. And then they also come in for hot seat coaching where they're talking about asking questions about how they're applying that material. 
  • And then number three is where there's a private coaching component. And do I want to offer that?
  • Still, for those of us, myself included, that really love that private coaching session, like this is a great stepping stone for you, for starting the scale and starting to have some scalability and build those assets that can later become the more and more and more hands off and also keep that fulfillment from the private coaching.
  •  And then the mastermind level. You know, just having people who are at the same level of expertise and mastery with your work and having that container for them to have those higher level conversations. 

So these are the five types of group programs that you can choose from.

How will you do this? How will you serve your people in a way that feels really good and  really expansive to you?

What is your ideal way of doing that? What feels good in terms of your schedule and what it will require from you.

And that is also more leveraged, right? Then what you may have been doing up until now.

And so, really, these are the five types and I included your own so that you can structure this however you choose.

Ready to enjoy the support of other like minded coaches in a mastermind? Or maybe you’re not quite there but could still benefit from the close-knit setting of like-minded coaches in a thriving group program? Apply for a consultation call.

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