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Signature Coaching Program: What is a Northstar Offer?

Mar 24, 2022

What I see coaches who are struggling with increasing their sales and getting to $100K in business do is that they are creating multiple offers all the time.


Although it is important to test and try different things in your business to make sure that you have the right product-to-customer match, it is also very important that you streamline everything you're doing to just have one signature offer that you take to a hundred thousand dollars – This is your Northstar offer.


Why should you have only one signature offer, you ask? The reason for that is because it cuts out a lot of extraneous work for you. Just imagine all the energy that goes into launching each of the programs or products you have – whether it’s a course, group program, membership, etc. Having multiple programs also multiplies the amount of work that you're doing on the backend without really producing the results in terms of money. And it's actually costing you money if you have a team or anyone else that's helping you with this.


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