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Stepping Into Abundance Mindset

Oct 28, 2022

As coaches, it’s a big part of our job to show the world what true abundance is and what that looks and feels like so that we can make a huge difference.


Scarcity Mindset 


Scarcity mindset is when you think there’s not enough of something – Not enough time, money, limited number of clients, etc. I truly believe that the scarcity mindset is the root of all evil. I know some religion say that money is the root of all evil, but for me, it’s not exactly the money that’s is root of evil but the idea that there’s not enough money to go around, or that there’s isn’t enough time to earn that money that’s causing people to make decisions that are outside of their true selves and value system. 


The reality is that your mindset is the root of anything that you end up doing. In the Impact-Driven® Coach School, we teach our clients the 4 things you need to be doing everyday to grow a sustainable business online. One of the four is mindset. It is absolutely critical because without a proper mindset, it will be hard to do things and make decisions from the place of abundance. 


Abundance Mindset


Abundance mindset is knowing that there is always more available to you – money is easy to come by, having more than enough time to do all the things you want to do, or that you have more than enough money to pay for things that you need and want and if you don’t, you can always get more.


Being in an abundant frame of mind allows you to experience your life fully because you are not overcome by greed or fear. 


The reality is that you get to choose what you believe. You can believe that you are a creator of an infinite amount of money instead of believing that you have no power in making money. The more you feed that belief, the more you are going to be able to stay in a place of ease.


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