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Stop Finding the Wrong Solutions to Your Problems and Actually Start to Solve Them with These Problem Solving Techniques

May 28, 2019

Problem solving is not only a valuable skill to have as a business owner but for life in general. It's important that we know how to solve problems and different problem solving techniques. However even knowing all this there is still one thing we must remember.

One of the most important things for you to understand as a business owner is that you will always have problems. This is a good thing though because this means you and your business is alive.

Some people come to me and say “Once I make X amount of money then I won't have any more problems.”

I have been a consultant for a multi million dollar company and they still have problems. The difference is they are better at problem solving and don't make drama about it. They can move through things very quickly without making it mean something else completely unrelated.

The reality is you will always have problems.

The problems you have now will be different from the problems you have when you make more money. No matter what stage you are at right now its important to learn how to effectively problem solve. Because you learn how you use your brain, which is the most valuable tool you have for solving any problem.


The First Step To Getting Into Your Own Problem Solving Algorithm


First of all, what is the root cause of this problem? Really look for this.

Let's say you have a problem with a challenge and it didn't do as well as you hoped. Maybe you had one sale, maybe zero.

We have to look at two big things when determining what the root problem is. This is the data like the numbers and what is going on with your own feelings.

Some coaches only want to look at one or the other when they start looking for their problem. Say you look at the math and the data and only that. You being left with all the emotional emotional baggage is also going to stop you from moving forward.

On the other hand some just go straight emotional and say that It's all in your brain and its all in your emotions, etc. But this doesn't give you any tangible solutions to solving the math problems and therefore the business cannot grow.

We are not in therapy but we also are in a CEO boardroom. We need to address both in order to move forward. If we’re using the wrong strategy to cope with then the problem will never really get solved.


Bad Problem Solving Examples - What people tend to do but shouldn't


In the earlier example about the challenge launch, let's say that you had 10 people register but you had zero sales.

Is that a math problem or a drama problem? It's both.

There weren’t enough people registered when we know that a challenge launch could convert 3-12% of participants. You would have to expect a 12% conversion rate to get a single client. Nothing has gone wrong, you have no math to back up what you're trying to do.

What happens is we start with the math problem.

We don't know what we don't know.

Instead of seeking help and support from someone who understands that stuff, we instead make up stories to tell ourselves. Our brain is really good at making up stories. And it can look like thoughts that go like this...

"You aren't a good coach"

"Other people can make it in this business, but not you"

"Maybe you should start looking for jobs"

If this happens then we have two problems. The math problem is now accompanied by drama and internal brain chatter that is destroying our self esteem and our ability to move forward.

Now from that place you start scrambling to try to feel better.

You’re now building brand new funnel, doing a webinar, changing your market, and messaging. All the while you're still telling the stories to yourself. Nothing works, go get the day job.

You're making decisions based on anxious thoughts which is just drama. This only compounds the problem and the cherry on top is that the math problem which was the first problem is never solved.

What we must do is separate the math and drama problems and fix both of them in a way that isn't going to create more problems for ourselves.

Another math problem would be not having enough time in the day to serve all your clients.  There’s only so many hours in the day that we can work with? A good way to solve this problem is with a group program. I’ve created the Ultimate Group Coaching Framework to help you launch a program to solve the time problem.

 What is a drama problem?

Lack of self-esteem with the type of service you're providing and being able to get results for your clients.

You say you have a math problem and say you don't know how to get any sales. You've had sales before this though. This is a drama problem because that's just not true. The fact that you're worried about getting results for your clients means they’ve bought from you already. 

From that place you're making drama and you're trying to solve it by buying sales course after sales course to try and get your sales up.

But the problem was never sales or not knowing how to do something. This isn’t a math problem, you didn't need 100 more people in this situation. What you needed to do was help your confidence. 

That drama problem can never be solved by a math equation. They must be solved by emotional support and you need to get help to re-frame and think of things in an empowering way and in a way that is going to help you move forward.

Math problems are something that can be solved by the mathematics of business. Actual business solutions.

But the issue comes when you're a solo-preneur and you try to put the wrong solution to the wrong problem. It usually creates more problems on the other end.

Going out and buying all these courses just creates another problem for you. You’re not spending more money than what you’re bringing into your business.


The 2 Things You Need For Problem Solving Techniques In Business


In order for us to solve any problem in our business we must understand 2 basic things:

How businesses work and the knowledge behind all of that

How our brain works

The brain is going to deal with the drama problems while the business knowledge is going to help us solve the math problems. This is going to help us find out what the root cause of the problem actually is.

If you don't have a sustainable foundation and find yourself replacing the same money in your business every month then we know that we have a problem with how the system works together.

It's not just understanding how business works. Yes you need sales and financial stuff but we need to understand how everything works together. When it doesn't work together that's what causes the stopgap with the math problem that's when it really starts to become an issue.


An Easy And Logical Problem Solving Technique You Can Use


Troubleshoot as if you are running experiments, like a scientist. In your business what you want to do is pretend you’re a scientist. Put your lab coat on and take a look at this problem you're experiencing then make a hypothesis.

Stop telling yourself the stories. Stop beating yourself up and saying those awful things to yourself.

Instead what if you said “I wonder how I can get more than 10 people into my challenge? What about 100? How do I 10x the amount of people I got into my challenge?” This is going to serve you much more than the stories.

Also, don't go in there and change every aspect of that experiment. If you change too many variables then you don't know which one really worked.

Change that one aspect at a time.

You know this a math problem so you’re gonna change this one variable to try and get more people in your challenge launch.

This way you can confirm that it was a math problem in terms of volume. If you get 100 and are still getting no sales, then you’ll know what else you can improve.

If you don't even try to change something mathematical chance there's no way for you to know if that was the right solution.

Troubleshoot the whole thing as an experiment. You are no longer you who is attached to the outcomes of these experiments, you’re just running them.

Utilize this mindset at any time and just get really curious. Troubleshoot in your brain and allow yourself to come up with ideas and hypotheses, no matter how crazy it is. Do this almost like a brainstorm session.

Then you actually go through like an experimenter and you take action and solve that problem with your best hypothesis. 

Let's say you come up with the solution that you’re going to double down on Instagram for the next 90 days so that I can grow my Instagram following to X number of people. So that the next time you launched this program in 90 days, you will have a bigger pool of people and you think you’re going to be able to hit the 100 participants you were looking to get.

Now you have something that you're working towards and you're actively working on solving that problem. 

Watch your brain. Because it's going to want to say that's too long. It's taking too much time, things like this.

Deal with the drama that our brain will naturally always come up with. In the meantime, you are taking action on solving the actual problem, which was originally a math problem. 

Have you been able to deal with the problem of burnout? Are you spending all your time servicing your clients and unable to do anything else? I’ll give you the answer to this one for free. Group programs.

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